Newsletter 12/10/18


December 10, 2018    Members: 33    Guests: 3

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club


Opening:  Prez Jeff

Song Master:  Greeter Sharie

Song:  God Bless America


Pledge of Allegiance:  PP Phil                                     Invocation:  PP Kiley


Helen Keller quote by PP Bruce Boorman:  “It is hard to interest those who have everything in those who have nothing.”



PCC Mary Rynearson and her guest Sallie Brown and

Fabian Verda guest of PP Bruce.

Good to See: Everyone in fine holiday spirit



.PP Gary Sims was presented his new member-sponsor pin by Prez Jeff.

.DG Mercy spoke on Lionism and then ceremoniously  inducted David Reed as our newest member, sponsored by a combination of PP Gary S, PP Tom N and possibly even a 3rd member.


Newbie Lion David is a native El Cajonian, born and bred here and graduated from Valhalla HS.  His wife is Karen and he has two grown children.  David was 20 years with SDG&E and is now with Hunters Run Apartments in El Cajon.

.Dick Nasif gave a brief but humorous update on 1st Veep Chris.  Seems he ‘thinks’ if he tells someone he won’t be at a meeting that any fine that might have been imposed won’t be.  He still has a lot to learn before becoming President of THIS club!


Gary Zink 12/5, Dick Nasif 12/9, Warren McKenna 12/15, Mark Clifton 12/22, Jeff Smith 12/30, Daryl Priest 12/31


EXEMPT BADGE: PP Bruce Boorman – his daughter in Houston has arranged for she and other family members to meet Bruce and Pat in New York – Nice Gift!



 Bob Groff continues to make progress at his post acute rehab facility.  Hopefully he will have progressed enough in the next 2-3 weeks to be able to go home.  PDG Len is recovering at home from a robotic knee replacement surgery.

Remember, if you know of any members who are in distress, sick or in the hospital, PLEASE notify PP Yvonne so our good wishes can be sent to them.



DEC 12th – Board Meeting Elks 6PM

DEC 14TH – Assemble Xmas baskets at Hoban’s business 4PM

DEC 15TH –  Deliver Xmas baskets 7:30 AM from Hoban’s

DEC 17th – DARK

DEC  18th – Christmas Party 6PM at Elks Lodge

DEC 24th and DEC 31st – DARK – No Meetings – MERRY CHRISTMAS

JAN 1st – 2nd,
2019 – DARK – No Meetings – HAPPY NEW YEAR

JAN 8th – Tuesday Night Meeting 6PM

JAN 9th – Board Meeting Elks 6PM

Jan 12th – Melvin Jones Luncheon 11AM-2PM at Elks




3rd Veep Gary Zink:

PP Bob Moreau passed out pies to everyone putting up the big bucks for our Christmas Basket program.  He also sold a few for an asking price of $50-$100 – Good Job PP Bob!!!

PP Bob also says he needs as many drivers as possible this Saturday to distribute the baskets to family’s in town. 

PP Phil reminded us of the Xmas Party next Tues, the 18th.  The Grinch and Santa will be present to add to the festivities.  If you are bringing a child please bring a tagged, wrapped gift for Santa to give the child.  No signups necessary just show up for the party.


2nd VP Mike Raney:  

Our next program will be the 4 LEO Officers from El Cajon Valley HS LEO Club.


1st VP Chris Bramwell: MIA 

Membership Chair Cathy Bailes:
 Cathy asked the Membership Committee to stand and thanked them for their help so far this year.  She reminded us that we are ALL responsible to bring in new members to our club.  If everyone brings in a new member ‘to replace themselves’ our club will grow and prosper.


PP RAY’S RAMBLINGS:  Three contractors were bidding on fixing a fence at the White House.

The contractor from New Orleans said he could do the job for $9,000, $4,000 for materials, $3,000 for his workers and $2,000 for himself.  The contractor from Kentucky bid $7,000, $3,000 for material, $3,000 to his workers and $1,000 for himself.  The contractor from Chicago bid $27,000 without even measuring the job.  When queried why so much he said $10,000 for you, $10,000 for me and the balance to the guy from Kentucky.


HAPPY DOLLARS:  Kiley $30 this relates to what he would have paid Jeff Smith at Kirks Plumbing for a part that Jeff provided and said ‘give that amount to the Lions’.

Van $5 for missing a few meetings

Bob M $5 got to visit with Bob G this morning

Cathy B $5 a big welcome to our newest member Lion David

Ray R $10 happy that he and some neighbors have finished cleaning up the mud on his property and pool after the recent rains.

Bob A $20 (sorry I missed why)

Mercy $10 our District is #1 in the State for growth and with 50 new members added she/4L6 will receive a congratulatory plaque.

Ron B $? Going to Mexico for a few days

Rob $? Daughter from college in Indiana coming home for a few days

Ed W $10 got his Cochlear Implant although he’s not sure why after today’s meeting.  The Grinch is doing quite well this year and is doing a lot of ‘gigs’.



Sallie Brown is CEO of Adopt a Grandparent program wherein annually they (she and her hubby at this point) give seniors a Christmas stocking with a bear and a personal item. This year they are providing for 305 patients at Country Hills Convalescent in El Cajon.  With the help of PCC Mary Rynearson they are looking for 10 Lions clubs to sponsor their program.  The cost of a stocking is $25 but they would appreciate in-kind items as well as cash donations.  They are hoping to do a similar event for a Veterans group in July.  Individual and club donors names will be posted on their website which is WWW.ADOPTAGRANDPARENTUSA.COM.


Other websites to visit:  LionsDistrict4L6;;


Winner of Attendance Drawing:  Walt Simmons –  will be carried over


Winner of 50/50 Drawing : Bruce Boorman $46


***Don’t forget about the El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation in your Will/Trust***


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