Newsletter 10/07/13

El Cajon Valley Lions

10-7-13         33 Lions 2 guests

          PP Jerry started the meeting by giving us a choice of songs to sing, (first time that’s been done) and we chose God Bless America. PP Moreau led the Pledge and Paul Tremblay gave us an inspiring invocation followed by our weekly Helen Keller quote by Dick Nasif.

          We only had one guest today which President Kiley appropriately introduced in the absence of IPP Sturgeon. It was Travis Tesarek, Kiley’s guest from his company. Lisa Mitchell from the Boys and Girls Club paid us unexpected visit and donated $100 to our Christmas Basket fund. Lisa had been a member for a long time but left us about a year ago. Hope to see you again SOON!


Third VP Van stood and reported that the Picnic was a great success, (more on that later), Christmas Baskets are under control by PP Anthony and Rocco. And we have been very active with our club visitations thanks to Chairman Mike Wasyliw. They had a good turn out on Oct. 2nd at Spring Valley PDG Blottin led a group of 5 including PP Hackworth, VP Mercy and Paul Walters and Mike Wasyliw. PDG Len said that by the time the El Cajon club got done with all Spring Valleys fund raisers they had made $180. Our next visitation is set for the 9th at 7 pm with the Heartland Lions @ Coco’s on Fletcher Parkway.

Second VP Ray Ridlon had nothing to report except this was his third consecutive meeting and we are going to pick up trash on the 30th not on a weekend.

First VP Mercy Said she had nothing to say and the room got deathly quiet and we all sat there in stunned silence. Then she explained, she knew she only had 5 minutes to talk and she had more than that to say so she gave her time Paul.

Membership Committee report by Paul Walters. We had several Lions at last Chamber of Commerce Friday Breakfast which was highlighted by Paul’s speech about what the Lions do and what we stand for and how about some pancake tickets?

Birthdays  With Sec. Gary not present Pres. Kiley didn’t have a list, so none were celebrated even though some of us knew that PP Anthony had one this month.

Exempt Badges This turned out to be a battle of past presidents or let’s see if we can  get PP Stebleton to buy it. His first bid was $5 and his last and winning bid was $50. PP Hackworth played a little poker with them for a while and then PP County Boy Smith took the second one also for $50. Seems he won the horseshoe tournament at the picnic. PP Roger had a problem telling the truth at the Chamber Breakfast so we don’t really know what he did or said.

Storage unit donations. The following Lions contributed $100 each to cover the annual expense of our storage unit except PP Hackworth who put in $200. PP Anthony, Paul Tremblay, VP Ridlon, PP Hollingsworth, PP Paris, David Keen, PDG Blottin, PP Moreau, David Huntamer and Bob Acker.


Board Meeting at PDG Blottin’s home on the 10th at 6 pm.

Vivian Dedrick (wife of founding member PP Warren Dedrick) funeral is 10-11-13 at 2pm at Methodist Church 772South Johnson El Cajon.

Hoban Party Oct. 12th at 3 pm.

Boys and Girls Club Auction Oct 25th at Barona

Pancake Breakfast 8 am on Oct 27th

Flu Shots Nov4th at our regular meeting

We will be dark on Nov. 11th Veteran’s Day

Christmas Party Dec. 16th 6 pm

Christmas Baskets Dec.21st


For many year we held our annual picnic at Santee Lakes and always had a good time, so a change of venue this year was welcome.

This year PP Moreau volunteered to let us use his 5 acre ranchero in Dehesa Valley including his pit barbeque. You couldn’t miss the entrance, he had his tractor parked in front with a large sign made by PP Mortellaro declaring that the Lions Picnic was here.

They buried the beef and pork on Friday night and dug it up Saturday about noon. It tasted great and was so tender.

We played Bocce Ball, Golf, Horseshoes and other games. PP Smith playing with Moreau’s son in law Henry won the shoes tournament. Christian had the back ground music going and the food was excellent and plentiful.

Thanks to David Huntamer’s generosity we had two outside bathrooms complete with a washing station.

We were reminded many times to bring your own chairs. Warren McKenna took the request seriously and brought his office chair but it didn’t roll very well on the grass.

I didn’t count them but it looked like we had about 8 Leo’s there. Mike said more had signed up but didn’t show up at the meeting location

We had 31 Lions and their families come to the  ranch where the kids could run around and play with each other

Thank you Bob and Mary for a wonderful day in the country.

Happy Dollars.

$5 Hackworth for bad joke

$5 Ron Black only had 2 beers at the picnic

$20 VP Ridlon brought a new truck

$5 VP Mercy for Paul’s Speech

$5 PDG Blottin for SV Visitation

$10 Christian was just happy

$5 Tremblay for terrible golf swing

Pres. Kiley’s picture was not in the International  magazine so there was no fine.


Our speaker was Brian Freye from SDG&E who came and explained 4 tier billing and why it was necessary.


VP Willsey left early, Mike Raney and Ed Waymire not present. $10 carry over.

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