newsletter 09/30/13

El Cajon Valley Host Lions

September 30, 2013            32 Lions and 3 Guests


Lion President Kiley Grunstad opened the meeting at 12:30pm. Lion Jerry Hollingsworth, Songmaster, led our Lions in singing “You’re a Grand Ole Flag!” Pledge of Allegiance was led by Lion Dr. David Keen. Prayer & Invocation was recited by Lion Christian Willie. Helen Keller Quote of the Week was inspirationally given by Lion PP Bob Moreau.


Lion PP Bill Sturgeon introduced three guests: Syndie Nasif Donovan, from Seattle Washington—guest of Lion Dick Nasif, Dr. Don Sauter—guest of Lion Christian Willie and Jennifer Casamassina, guest speaker from the City of San Diego Public Utilities Dept.


Upcoming Meetings:  October 14th Columbus Day—will meet, November 11th Veterans Day—no meeting/dark, December 16th—no noon meeting/Christmas Party in evening, December 23rd—no meeting/dark, December 30th—no meeting/dark.

Lions Christmas Baskets Drive December 21st .

Napoleon White, District Governor visit on October 21, 2013.

Long time Lion Don Knoll from the Santee Lions passed away last week with funeral services on Thursday October 3rd at 3pm at Fletcher Hills Presbyterian Church 455 Church Way, El Cajon.

Lion President Kiley Grunstad reported that Lion Mike Wasyliw will represent our Lions Eyeglass Program at  Collaborative Stakeholders Meetings 2-3 times per year at the Cajon Valley Union School District .

District 4L6 Christmas Party will be held on Saturday December 7th at the Crown Plaza Hotel and will be supporting the military Wounded Warriors.

Lion Treasurer Paul Tremblay made a plea for fellow Lions to underwrite the $1200 annual costs for our Lions storage unit due by December 1st –11 fellow Lions made generous $100 pledges to cover $1100 of the costs.


3rd VP Report Van Willsey, excused absence. Lion PP Bob Moreau reported that our Annual Lions Picnic this Saturday October 3rd from 11am to 3pm will have 200 lbs. of beef and pork. Vegetarian Dishes will also be available. All Lions are invited to bring in their favorite Pot Luck Dish. Friday evening crew will prep the pigs and beef at 4pm and bury the meats at 8pm. Lion Mike Wasyliw, Visitations Chair profusely thanked the following five fellow Lions who attended our Singing Hills Lions Visitation on September 23rd—Lion PDG Len Blottin, Lion 1st VP Mercy Walters, Lion Paul Walters, Lion PP Jerry Hollingsworth and Lion Mike Wasyliw.  Next Visitations will be on Wednesday October 2nd 7pm to the Spring Valley Lions @ Anna’s Restaurant 8099 Broadway St. Lemon Grove and Wednesday October 9th 7pm to the Heartland Lions @ Coco’s 1025 Fletcher Pkwy El Cajon. Lions Christmas Baskets Drive report was given by PP Don Anthony that we will be adding approx. 40 more families with goal to serve 95-100 families. Lion Rocco Collura will meet with the Salvation Army to make dry goods discounted purchases at the Food Bank and store product at our Lions Storage facility. Lion PP Dick Rogers will be the Dispatcher when we deliver the Food Baskets. We will be needing a lot of Lions to help on this expanded Lions Christmas Baskets Project.

2nd VP Ray Ridlon thanked Lion Dave Huntamer and his daughter for helping on the  Adopt-a-Street Community Cleanup on Saturday September 28th. Next Adopt a Street Cleanup will be scheduled on a weekday of October 30th or 31st to encourage increased participation.

1st VP Mercy Walters gave a report on our upcoming Lions Pancake Breakfast on October 27th. Sell those tickets and get your friends and community to attend.  Yes, Lion PP Bruce Boorman confirmed that the South Dakota Lions in Sioux Falls who have an average of 35-50 weekly meeting attendees have sold over 10,000 tickets for their Annual Lions Pancake Breakfast! WOW! Lion Mercy thanked our fellow Lions who helped march in the Alpine Parade on September 29th. Lions from various clubs and the district were well represented in the parade. Lion Paul Walters gave the Membership & Retention Report announcing that five of our Lions will be attending the upcoming Chamber of Commerce Breakfast on Friday October 4th at the Steele Canyon Golf Course at 6:45am.


Lion PP Bob Moreau, Tail Twister, collected the following Happy Dollars & Happy Dollar Fines: Lion PP Ron Paris gave a Happy $20 for his 2 week vacation back east that started in Venice Italy and went all over Italy, France & Spain! Lion Sharie Hoops filled out a Happy Dollars pink slip for her fabulous vacation with Lion PP Ron Paris and tried to throw in some foreign gambling vouchers (value unknown) into our Happy Dollars Baskets!  Lion Dave Huntamer gave a Happy $10 and was reminded that as sponsor for Lion Carter Short he was responsible for paying his first fine for Lion Carter’s purchase of a new Mercedes! Lion Paul Tremblay gave a Happy $10 for his missing Lions Vest & reminding everyone that last Monday of each month is Lions Vest Day and for the big Chargers win! Lion Frank Galkowski gave a Happy $25 for his wedding anniversary to his dear wife Delores! Lion 2nd VP Ray Ridlon gave a Happy $10 for his missing vest and for a granddaughter that is on the way! Lion Roy “Rocco” Collura gave a Happy $5 for selling plenty of those Pancake Breakfast tickets! Lion Christian Willie gave a Happy $20 for a grateful to be here and having his good friend and pastor Dr. Don Sauter at today’s meeting! Lion Earl Irey gave a Happy $5 for his missing Lions vest! Lion President Kiley Grunstad gave a Happy pink slip fine for his fabulous Chicago Bears & Cubs! Lion PP Roger Stebleton gave a Happy $5 for his missing vest! Lion Paul Walters gave a Happy $5 for the Lions Membership Pins he purchased from Lion Ron Black!


Lion PP George Hurst, retiring Program Chair, introduced our speaker Jennifer Casamassina from the City of San Diego’s Public Utilities Dept. Jennifer shared information on the technology used with the Water Purification Demonstration Project that converts waste water into drinking water. San Diego is among many innovative cities exploring water purification technology to ensure a sustainable water supply.


Attendance Drawing winner was Lion PP Ron Paris.

Thanks to all the Lions who wear their Lions Vests on the last Monday of each month, Visitations to other Lions Clubs, community events, etc.

Dont forget our Annual Lions Picnic this Saturday October 5th from 11am to 3pm at Lion PP Bob Moreau’s Ranch 6102 Dehesa Road El Cajon. Plenty of good food, great company and lots of fun for young and old!

And don’t forget that Lions Pin you wear on your collar represents that you belong to the greatest service organization in the world…the El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club!

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