Newsletter 08/27/2012

El Cajon Valley Host Lions

33 Lion Members and 1 Guest


Lion President Bill Sturgeon opened the meeting at12:30pm with Song “ Our Grand Ole Flag” led by Lion PP Jerry Hollingsworth. Pledge of Allegiance was given by Lion PP Mike Mortellaro. Prayer and Invocation was recited by Lion 1st VP Kiley Grunstad. Inspirational Helen Keller Quote was given by Lion Arnold Martin “College isn’t the place to go for ideas.”


Javier Galvan attended our meeting as a guest of Lion Tony Hodge.


“Jeepers Creepers” Eyeglass Collection will be done by our Postal Carriers on September 7th.  Just put your old eyeglasses & cases by the side of your mailbox and they will be gladly picked up. Lion PP Ray Hackworth distributed new Camp Jack “We Appreciate You”  tee shirts for all Lions who volunteered in this year’s highly successful Camp Jack Program. Please remember to place a dollar or two in our City of Hope collection cans.


3rd VP Lion Ray Ridlon reported that September 27th Lions Padre Night has 8 remaining tickets (total of 20 tickets were purchased). Cost is only $22.00 that also covers a free soda and hot dog. October 7th will be our Lions Annual Picnic at Santee Lakes.

2nd VP Mercy Walters asked our fellow lions to take a look at  our new expanded and improved Lions Website created by our Lion Webmaster Warren McKenna. Any feedback, suggestions, constructive feedback about the website would be sincerely appreciated.

1st VP Kiley Grunstad reported that he is gearing up for the Lions Eyeglass Program by reviewing past and present data for requests for vision screening and needs for eyeglasses. 


“Lots & Lotsa” Happy Dollars and Happy Fines were “happily” collected by our Tail Twister Lion Bob Acker.

Lion President Bill Sturgeon made an executive decision and decreed that all Lions without their vests today must pay a $5.00 fine—the fines came rolling in! The same goes for our new tradition of wearing our Lions Hats to our 1st Monthly Lions Meeting where no hat pay/donate $5. Lion Bob Acker gave a Happy $100 to our Lions Foundation. Lion Van Willsey gave a Happy $5 for his daughter, a 7th grader, going back to school. Lion Paul Walters gave a Happy $5 for Lion 2nd VP Mercy Walters who was on stage with Rock & Roll Twister Icon Chubby Checkers—Mercy did a demo dance step of a possible new dance craze “The Fly”—with a slight flush of embarrassment & joy!. Lion Lesa Mitchell gave a Happy $25 in memory of Lion PP Trent Huls, for missing a few meetings & forgetting her vest. Lion IPP Don Anthony gave a Happy $7 for the Padres winning “7 in a row”. Lion PP Gary Sims gave a Happy $5 for attending Stoney’s Kids 21st Anniversary Party & Lion PP Stoney Stone’s 87th Birthday Party and another Happy $5 fine for not wearing a vest. Lion Tony Hodge gave a Happy $100 in memory of Lion PP Trent Huls, a Happy $20 for seeing Lion IPP Don Anthony on TV highlighting Camp Jack and another Happy $5 fine for no vest. Lion 3rd VP Ray Ridlon gave a Happy $5 asking for a crew driver for his truck on the upcoming Rosarita/Ensenada Bike Ride—Cong rat’s to Lion Ray and Lion Mike Mortellaro who will be doing the 50 mile ride wearing their Lions Pin. Lion PP Bruce Boorman gave a Happy $53 for 53 WOW Years of Marriage! Lion  Bruce added that Lion PP Roger Stebleton will be celebrating an awesome 46 years of marital bliss with some upcoming Happy Dollars. Lion PP Mike Mortellaro gave a Happy $5 fine for no vest. Lion PP Hugh Cowan gave a Happy $5 for celebrating his 83rd Birthday—congratulations Lion Hugh! Lion Arnold Martin gave a Happy $5 fine for no vest. Lion PP Ron Paris gave a Happy $5 for no vest. Tony “Rocco” Collura gave a Happy $5 for no vest. Lion 1st VP Kiley Grunstad gave a Happy $15 for his Chicago Bears who are looking very good and another Happy $5 for no vest. Lion Kiley asked a thoughtful question: “Who has the world’s largest manufacturing economy?”—many of us thinking probably China—with the correct answer “Our United States of America!”. Lion 2nd VP Mercy gave a Happy $5 for being on stage with Chubby Checkers. Lion Frank Galkowski gave a Happy $5 for no vest.


Lion President Bill Sturgeon introduced Micah Parzan, CEO, from the San Diego Museum of Man. Micah started by making a confession that he is a Rotarian and asked “why do you not like Rotarians?” Our Lions explained that we enjoy the ribbing & rivalry & the fun competition between the Lions & Rotarians—where in the end we still are the best! Mr. Micah gave his background of working previously with Luce, Hamilton as an employment attorney and found his new passion as CEO of the Museum of Man—the passion was lying dormant for years after his PHD studies in Anthropology. His goal is re-inventing the Museum of Man and overcoming their musty dusty reputation with new exhibits, exciting new Public Programs and a big emphasis on Social Media.


Attendance Drawing was won by Lion Paul Walters who donated his winnings of $10 to the City of Hope. Don’t forget to wear your Lions hat for our 1st Monday meeting on September 10th.

Keep our Lions in your thoughts and prayers who are unable to attend our regular Monday meetings due to any challenges in illness, transportation, etc. Give lion PP Gordon Bush a friendly Lion call or visit if you can. Lion Gordon and wife Reola are continuing rehab care at their temporary new address at 11945 Via Hacienda in El Cajon phone # 672-8378 or cell 995-6340.

Remember that we will BE DARK on Labor Day  Monday September 3rd  “to celebrate our labors” and be with family and friends.

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