Newsletter 07/24/17


July 24, 2017    Members 37  Guests: 2

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club


Opening:  President Felina Balistreri


Felina Balistreri ‘First Meeting’

Where is her Gavel?


Song Master:  PP Jerry Hollingsworth            Song:  God Bless America

Pledge: Lion Gary Zink                                    Invocation: PP Mark Clifton


Helen Keller quote by PP Bruce Boorman: “People do not like to think.  If one thinks, one must reach conclusions.  Conclusions are not always pleasant”.


Lion-in-Training Marley Huntamer and our speaker Bill Simmons.



Thanks to all who helped with the 1st week of Camp Jack: 1st VP Jeff Winters with his new truck for the luggage, Lions Dave Huntamer, Ron Black, Bob Acker, 3rd VP Mike Raney, PP’s Yvonne Paris, Ray Hackworth, Sec Paul Walters.  Also helping at the BBQ were 1st VDG Mercy Walters and Sec Paul Walters and cooks IPP Van Willsey and Lion Dave Huntamer. Thanks to all the fisherman helping the campers: PP Bob Moreau, Sec Paul Walters, Lions Ron Black and Nick Nasif and others who showed up.  Week 2 was a bit thin on luggage handlers but a quick call to PP Gary Sims and he flew down to the parking lot to help.  Thanks to all the members who volunteered today for this week’s fishing at the Lake.

Sec Paul says the First Friday Breakfast for the East County Chamber of Commerce will be Friday August 4th at Casa de Pico in La Mesa 7:15AM.

Pres. Felina thanked all to attended the Installation last week and special thanks to her Committee.  Since Pres. Felina lost her newly presented gavel on Day One Lion Dick Nasif presented her with another to use.  And although the gavel was considerably larger than she it was better than the sledge hammer she was prepared to use.



Remember, if you know of any of our members who are in distress, sick, in the hospital or just got out of the hospital, have been diagnosed with some rare 3rd world country disease or infestation, PLEASE let PP Yvonne know so I can send along our Good Wishes.


July Birthdays: Dolores Galkowski, Ed Waymire, Mike Carleton, Paul Tremblay & Tom Hoban.


July Exempt Badges: Dave Huntamer, Yvonne Paris, Tony Forchette and Phil Smith.



July 31stDARK

Aug 1stFIRST Tuesday – Night Meeting – 5:30PM

Aug 9thBoard Meeting 6PM Elks Lodge   Dinner 5PM-ish $14

Aug 12th – First Cabinet/Membership Meeting at Blind Community Center on Upas. Time TBA

Sept 4thDARK for Labor Day

Sept 5thFIRST Tuesday – Night Meeting – 5:30PM

Oct 29thECVHLC Pancake Breakfast at Elks Lodge



3rd VP Mike Raney:

Padres Night-Lion Warren McKenna gave us a final report, 30 attended, Padres lost but won the following day and a great time was had by all.

Camp Jack-Lion Dave Huntamer thanked everyone again for helping to load luggage and being at the camp for the club-sponsored BBQ the previous Sunday. Also at the camp were PP Ray and Dorothy Hackworth lending their moral support.  Apparently the fishing results were terrific and Marley Huntamer report a total catch of 45 in 3 days.  Thanks again Marley!

Picnic-Lion Mike reported that after a chat with PP Moreau the picnic will be in October.

Visitations-PP Gary Robinson says the contest begins August 1st and we’ll do some visiting.

Lions Day at the Races-PP Gary Sims says leave early to miss the traffic.  As of today’s meeting PP Gary had 3 tickets turned back in – CALL right away if interested.


2nd VP Chris Bramwell:

Eyeglass Chair Gary Zink announced Lion Bob Groff will assist him on his committee.  Also Dr. Patel moved to Santee (9349 Mission Gorge Rd) but we will continue with him.


1st VP Jeff Winters:

Lion Dolores Galkowski……….and the attendance count is……………(see top of newsletter)


Membership Chair Cathy Bailes: MIA


PP Ray’s Ramblings: Perhaps I was too close to PP Ray today as I didn’t hear a joke but did hear a lot of ‘mouth-too-close-to-mic’ noise.  Something about a wife’s diary ultimately read by her hubby, to her dismay.


HAPPY DOLLARS:  TT/PP Bob Moreau couldn’t get his basket over to PP Tom Hoban as he quickly jumped up to offer his $100 – he missed Padre Night, Installation Dinner, was in Sin City for 4 days and won $4,000.

PP Gary Robinson matched whatever amount PP Tom Normandie had put in for a great fishing trip to Colorado and Utah.  PP Gary lost his glasses ‘somewhere’, fell again but not noticeable this time.  They stopped in Grand Junction to visit breweries and wineries and ate the juiciest peaches either had ever had.

PP Tony Forchette’s phone rang several times during the meeting – pink slip?

Lion Bob Groff $5 to subsidize PP Tony’s fine.

PP Ron Snow $20 as he missed our great Installation Dinner.

L-I-T Marley Huntamer went on a fishing trip with Lion Dave and caught many 15# fish.

3rd VP Mike Raney $5 had a great time fishing with Camp Jack campers at Lake Cuyamaca.

PP Ray Hackworth $20 he likes helping at Camp Jack

PP Mark Clifton $10 Happy that PP Gary Sims helped out for loading Camp Jack luggage Sun.

Lion/a Lion of the Year/new Melvin Jones Fellow Dick Nasif $20 for all the awards he’s won this year.


Bill Simmons is an attorney and works with the Hemlock Society besides his own practice.  Contact info or

Bill spoke on Advanced Directives which is a short written document giving your agent Power of Attorney to act on your behalf should you become incapable to doing so.  A copy of the A.D. should be given to your doctor and your hospital MAKING SURE YOUR AGENT ALSO HAS A COPY.  Without an Advanced Directive your next of kin must guess at what your wishes might be when it comes to both health care and end-of-life decisions.  Make sure to exclude anyone you know would not comply with your wishes.  The document need not be long and cumbersome but must be either notarized or witnessed by 2 people not otherwise involved in decision making or care.  Next week Faye Girsh from the Hemlock Society of San Diego will speak on End-of-Life choices and the new law on assisted death.



Winner of Attendance Drawing:  PP Phil Smith just missed out on $50-there and GONE!


***Don’t forget about the El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation in your Will/Trust***






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