Newsletter 06/08/15

El Cajon Valley Host Lions

June 8, 2015            40 Lions and 6 Guests


Lion President Mercy Walters opened the meeting at 12:30pm at the El Cajon Police Department. Lion PP Jerry Hollingsworth led our fellow Lions and guests in singing “God Bless America”. Pledge of Allegiance was led by Lion PP Mark Clifton. A very uplifting Prayer & Invocation was given by Lion PP Phil Smith. Helen Keller Quote of the Week was inspirationally given by Lion Carter Short.


Lion IPP Kiley Grunstad introduced our 6 guests: Linda Paige—daughter of Mr. & Mrs. BobMoreau and Dispatcher for the ECPD; Mary Moreau—wife & guest of Lion PP Bob Moreau; Tamara Fogg—friend of Mary Moreau; Gary Jones—Spring Valley Lions; Chris Benvenuto—guest of IPP Kiley Grunstad and intern at Edward Jones Investments; Pat Boorman—guest of Lion PP Bruce Boorman.


Lion Secretary Paul Walters reported the following: Lions Board Meeting this Wednesday June 10th 6pm at Coco’s Restaurant on Main St in El Cajon. Please fill out your Service & Activities Report. Flag Day this Friday June 12th at Madison Elementary School 1615 East Madison Ave. El Cajon Ca 92019 with Assemblies at 8:15 & 9:30am.


A Special Thanks to the following Lions who attended the Lemon Grove Lions Charter & Installation on Wednesday June 3rd: President Mercy Walters & Secretary Paul Walters (Guiding Lions for Lemon Grove); PDG Len Blottin & PDG Bucky Blottin; PP Don Anthony; 3rd VP Roy “Rocco” Collura and Lion Dick Nassif.







Lion PP Ron Paris, Steak Fry Chair, gave a run down on the great response of 40 attending Lions & guests (and 2 no-shows who were “lightly” fined). Lion PP Ron kicked off the celebration and cooked the first 4 steaks and the rest by Lion PP Mark Clifton—great job on serving the drinks & refreshments by Lion Warren McKenna! Thanks to all the 25 Lions & 15 guests who made it a very enjoyable and fun filled event. Another Special Thanks to Lion PP Ron Paris for organizing the event and Lion PP Tom Hoban for hosting the Steak Fry at his beautiful & hospitable ranch home!


Our ECVH Lions received a fabulous tour of the El Cajon Police Department that was given by Lieutenant Walt Miller. Thanks again to Lion Captain Jeff Arvan who made it all possible!








3RD VP Roy “Rocco” Collura, absent. Lion PP Don Anthony reported and commended Lion PP Ron Paris for an outstanding Annual Steak Fry. Visitations Report was given by PP Don Anthony of the 8 ECVH Lions who attended the Lemon Grove Lions Charter Installation on June 3rd. Padre Night August 21st report was given by Lion Warren McKenna—please RSVP tickets with Lion Warren. Lion PP Gary Sims reported that Day at The Races at Del Mar will be on Friday July 31st 4pm under the Shade Terrace Club House. Tickets are $25.00 per person. Lion Carter Short gave an update on the Flag Day ceremonies this Friday June 12th—another great way to give tribute to our grand ole flag and support & educate our youth!

2nd VP Van Willsey reported with Lion Mike Wasyliw, Eyeglass Program Chair, reporting that the Cajon Valley School District nurses were very appreciative for the use of the Lions SPOT vision screening device during the past school year. Lion Mike Carleton thanked our ECVH Lions for the 3 one thousand dollar LEO Student Scholarships and the El Cajon High school LEO’s were well represented at the District LEO’s Picnic and were again recognized as the LEO Club of the Year!

1st VP Ray Ridlon gave an update on this Saturday’s Gunsmoke Casino Night. Keep selling those tickets, set up will be at 4pm and cleanup at about 10pm. Lion Warren McKenna gave an update on the great Casino Night prizes with a weekend in Catalina at a 4 star hotel, golf outing or a zip line, a go pro camera, a laptop computer, a beach bicycle and other prizes! Lion Treasurer Paul reported that to date we have close to a hundred tickets sold and pending sales of tickets by the Winchester Widows who are co-sponsoring the event. Our Installation Dinner of Officers & Board Members will be on Friday June 20th—please RSVP with 1st VP Ray Ridlon. Camp Jack will be kicking off on July 26th. Membership Report was given by Lion Secretary Paul Walters with potential member Jeff Smith application to be reviewed at June 10th Board Meeting.


Lion Tail Twister Bob Acker collected the following Happy Dollars & Happy Fines: Lion PP Roger Stebleton was given a warm welcome back greeting and was asked to “pay up” for his long absence of 4 months in Costa Rica, 2 weeks trip to Eucador, 1 week trip to Seattle to visit the in-laws, etc. Lion Roger gave a Happy $100! Lion PP Gary Sims gave a Happy $10 for his new  Rockport shoes! Lion PDG Len Blottin gave a Happy $5 for missing a meeting due to a broken water line and getting a “missed you at our Lions Meeting” card from PP Ray Hackworth! Lion Felina Balistreri gave a  Happy $10 for missing the Steak Fry and a glad to help $500 Sponsorship of Casino Night! Lion Mike Wasyliw gave a Happy $5 for his grandson Parker’s graduation from pre-school! Lion PP Don Anthony gave a Happy $20 and a glad to be here at the ECPD! Lion Chris Bramwell gave a Happy $20 for a missed meeting last week and missing the Steak Fry due to a golf date! Lion Jeff Arvan gave a Happy $10 for his son contracted in the Army ROTC program and a thanks to Lieutenant Walt Miller giving us a tour of the ECPD this afternoon! Lion 1st VP Ray Ridlon gave a Happy $20 for a 4 day trip to Indianapolis to meet with some of his Viet Nam friends! Lion Cathy Bailes gave a Happy $5 for her granddaughters new job! Lion Henry Coleman gave a Happy $5 for his all star nephew Brent! Lion PP Bob Moreau gave a Happy $10 with a second congrat’s to Brent the All Star! Lion Justin Stewart gave a Happy $15 for the 2 and a half delicious rib eye steaks he indulged in at the Steak Fry! Lion Earl Irey gave a Happy $20 for his 90th Birthday which will be tomorrow—Lion Earl got a standing ovation! Lion PP Bill Sturgeon gave a Happy $10 to honor Lion Earl! Lion Van Willsey gave a Happy $10 kudo to Lion Earl for his 90th Birthday! Lion Maral Poochigian gave a Happy $20 for missing a few meetings that were not vacation related and a good to see everyone & a happy to be here! Lion PP Phil Smith gave a Happy $5 to honor Lion Earl’s Birthday, a great Steak Fry and looking forward to going to Nashville for a Rolling Stones Concert!


Captain Jeff Arvan, and fellow Lion, was our featured guest speaker who gave a warm thanks to all fellow Lions & guests. Lion Jeff showed a brief video presentation that gave a history of the ECPD from their early location on Highland Ave. and then to the Fletcher Parkway location in 1967 and the recent move to the new Civic Center Way Police Department that was purchased by Proposition O Funds for a state of the art building to meet the expanding and growing needs of our El Cajon Community.


A Special Thanks to Lion Captain Jeff Arvan for hosting the Lions today for their noon meeting and a great tour of the ECPD facility!

Congratulations to Lion Earl Irey for his big “9-0”. We appreciate your faithful attendance & membership & for all you do for the El Cajon Valley Host Lions!

Good to see Lion Maral Poochigian today—we missed you and hope to see you back soon!

And don’t forget that Lions Pin you wear on your blouse or collar represents that you belong to one of the greatest organizations in the world—the El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club ”2015 Best Large Lion Club in District 4L6” WE SINCERELY APPRECIATE YOUR MEMBERSHIP & ATTENDANCE!

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