Newsletter 06/24/19


June 24, 2019    Members: 33   Guests: 6

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club

Opening: Prez Jeff     and a BIG Thank You and Congratulations to Prez Jeff for a fun-filled year as our Leader!

Song Master:  Prez-Elect Chris                                   Song:  God Bless America

Pledge of Allegiance: DG Mercy                                Invocation:  PP Mark C

Helen Keller Quote by Treas Paul Tremblay: ‘Never bend your head, hold it high and look the world straight in the eye.”


Julio DeGuzman from La Jolla Presidents LC, El Cajon City Councilman Phil Ortiz Mary Moreau and Grandson Brian, Alex Rohrke guest of PP Mark C

, Good to See:

Rob Ransweiler


.Sec Paul reminded us of District Installation on July 28th.  If interested see Paul

.PP Yvonne  says sign-up sheets are available for helping the campers fishing at Lake Cuyamaca for the Camp Jack.  7AM on 7/30, 31 and 8/1 and 8/6, 7 and 8.  You’ll be finished by 11:30AM.

.Also we have the BBQ for the Camp Jack attendees on Sunday July 28th in the afternoon.  See Chef Dick Nasif to sign up for helping  serve the food.

.Lion Dick Nasid thanked those who participated in the Salvation Army Golf Tourney last weekend.

.Gov Mercy presented Lion Julio with an International Presidents Certificate of Appreciation.

.PP Bob Moreau says the theme for our club installation this Saturday is Hawaiian – wear your flowers!


Yvonne Paris 6/3, Gary Sims 6/4, Cathy Bailes 6/10, Tony Forchette 6/13, Cathy Zeman 6/16, Grant Thiem and Jay Jacobson 6/26.


GOOD CHEER:  Please keep PP Wally in your thoughts and prayers as he progresses through 8 weeks of a new cancer treatment……2 down and 6 to go!

IF you know of any members who are in distress, sick or in the hospital, PLEASE notify PP Yvonne so our good wishes can be sent to them.

CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS:  *Unless otherwise noted all Meetings are Mon at Noon*

JUNE 29th – ECVH LC Installation of Officers 1-4PM aboard the Emerald/Hornblower Cruise

Fiscal Year 2019-2020:

July 2nd – First Tuesday NIGHT MEETING 6PM

July 10th – ECVH LC Board Meeting Elks Lodge Conference Room 6PM

July 13th – ECVH LC Steak Fry at Hoban’s.  signup at the meetings

July 26th – ECVH LC Day at the Races (Del Mar) 4PM.  $25 See PP Gary Sims to sign up.

JULY 28th – El Cajon Valley Host LC BBQ at Camp Jack.  See Lion Dick Nasif to volunteer

July 30, 31 and Aug 1 – First week of fishing at Lake Cuyamaca for Camp Jack. See Dave H

Aug 6, 7 and 8 – Second week of fishing at Lake Cuyamaca for Camp Jack.  See Dave Huntamer

July 28th – District 4L6 Installation 4-8PM at St Mark Golf Resort in San Marcos $45

Aug 6th – First Tuesday NIGHT MEETING 6PM

Aug 14th – ECVH LC Board Meeting Elks Lodge 6PM

Oct 5th – Club Picnic at Branwell’s Estate


3rd VP Gary Zink: PP Gary Sims  had signup sheets on the tables and there are a few spots left

2nd VP Mike Raney: get your Directory changes to PP Bruce ASAP!

1st VP/President Elect Chris Bramwell: No Report

PP RAY’S RAMBLINGS:  A blind man, a husband and wife and their 9 children were waiting at the bus stop.  Due to lack of space on the bus the blind man and the husband had to walk.  The husband was annoyed with the constant tapping of the blind man’s cane and asked why he didn’t put a rubber tip on the ‘rod’.  The blind man’s retort was to tell the husband if he had done the same thing they wouldn’t be walking!


Tom H $100 – going to Cabo on is boat for about 10 days and will be gone for Steak Fry at his house.

Cathy B $ upset that Padres lost yesterday but Happy that we have two great guests

Gary R $ Had the pleasure of golfing last weekend with Chris B

Gary S $5 Lost at Sycuan last weekend but saw a great show with comedian Ron White and also saw a few club members.  Then he and Gail went to Palm Desert – won $ there

Mark C $5 also saw the show at Sycuan

Rob $20 been gone awhile and he told a great Ron White joke

Phil S $ Saw the Paul McCartney show last weekend – Chris paid Phil’s $20 fine

Chris $30 will be his last fine for this year

Phil Ortiz $ Having a birthday party for his 2-year old son and thanked Julio for today’s invite

Warren $20 Also attended the Paul McCartney concert and his wife is retiring this Friday-

Yvonne $5 – just found out her son’s prostate test results came back negative.  Hallelujah

Paul W $ Only 6 days to go for his term in the District Cabinet to end!

Mike R $5 paid for PP Ray’s joke

Len $ Bucky was doing good till she dropped a planter on her foot so back to the couch

Kiley $20 ????


Danny Sedivec from The Raptor Institute and his two feathered friends a falcon and a Great Horned Owl.  Raptors are birds of prey and are generally predatory birds.  The Institute gives handicapped birds a ‘forever home’ and uses them for interactive education to wit school programs, scout programs, community and private events and birthday parties.  For schools they want to entertain and teach Kindergarteners through 6th grade.  For more info  go to or  phone 619/796-1015.

Carl DiMaio from Reform California

Other websites to visit:  LionsDistrict4L6;;

Winner of Attendance Drawing:  Jerry Hollingsworth MIA – next week $40

Last weeks winner was Tom Hoban but he too was MIA

Winner of 50/50 Drawing: Ray Hackworth $60

Last weeks winner was Mike Raney for a $73 win

***Don’t forget about the El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation in your Will/Trust***


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