newsletter 04/15/13

El Cajon Valley Host Lions

April 15, 2013           24 Lions and 2 Guests


Lion 3rd VP Ray Ridlon did a fine job as Acting President covering for Lion President Bill Sturgeon. Our Lions meeting was opened at 12:30pm. Lion 1st VP Kiley Grunstad was excused due to important obligations for the April 15th Tax Return Deadline. Lion 2nd VP Mercy Walters was excused due to hospitalization for a surgical procedure.

Lion IPP Don Anthony led our Lions as the Songmaster with “God Bless America”. Pledge of Allegiance was proudly recited by Lion PP Bob Moreau. Prayer & Invocation was given by Lion Treasurer Paul Tremblay. Helen Keller Quote of the Week was inspirationally given by Lion PP Phil Smith “No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.”


Lion IPP Don Anthony introduced two guests, Kevin Perez on his second visit,  guest of Lion Van Willsey and Ron Stormoen, guest of Lion IPP Don Anthony.


A Nice Thank You Card was received from our LEO’s for the $313 donation of our Lions Happy Dollars at the recent joint Lions & LEO’s meeting.

Kudo’s and a Special Thanks to Lion Christian Willie and wife Reggie who attended the Annual Lions Day at the City of Hope on Sunday April 7th .  Lion Christian & Reggie presented our Lions check of $1,300 to the City of Hope– thanks to all our generous Lions who have kept the City of Hope Cans filled on a weekly basis!

Day at the Races, coming up on June 15th, was announced by Lion PP Gary Sims. Lion PP Dick Rogers announced that our Lions Installation Dinner is on June 15th starting at 6pm. All attendees will receive “a free lay at the door!” Recommended Dress of the Day will be Hawaiian Shirts or Blouses and White Shorts.

Lions Yuma Convention on May 3-5th with the Golf Tournament on May 4th. Deadline to register is April 18th. We have about 14 Lions attending from our El Cajon Valley Lions.

El Cajon Valley High school 13th Annual Golf Tournament on Saturday May 4th—contact Lion Mike Raney or Lion Mike Carleton for info or signing up for a 4-some.

Letters of Resignation have been received by Lion Tom Angus and Lion PP Marlene Coyne.


Lion Bob Acker, Tail Twister, did an outstanding job Twisting Tails with just about everyone in the house contributing some Happy Dollars or Happy Fines. Lion PP Ray Hackworth featured his Happy Dollar Joke of the Week. Lion PP Dick Rogers gave a Happy $5 for his laid back comment about free lays which should be “free Lei’s!” and another $5 for Lion PP Ray Hackworth’s Joke of the Week. Lion PP Ray Hackworth kicked in another Happy $10 for his Joke Master skills! Lion IPP Don Anthony gave a Happy $5 for a Padres win and enjoying the company of fellow Lion  Dick Nasif at the game. Lion Ron Black gave a Happy $5 for his visit to the Ronald Reagan Library in San Clemente. Lion PP Phil Smith gave a Happy $5 for missing some of the recent heartbreaking Padres Games. Lion Warren McKenna gave a Happy $5 for his paid estimated taxes that were filed before the April 15th Deadline! Lion Dick Nasif was asked to pay a Happy $5 Dollars– when he was nowhere to be found—and was apprehended hiding behind the hall curtain! Lion PP Bruce Boorman gave a Happy $5 for his recent trip to South Dakota (which had 4ft of snow) and was so Happy to be here in the “Another Day in Paradise– San Diego Area!” Lion Mike Wasyliw gave a Happy $10 looking forward to seeing wife Debbie back after  her 2 week vacation to China with a teacher friend. Lion Paul Tremblay gave a Happy $5 for the over 20+ Lions Opportunity Summer Escape Drawing Tickets Sales! Lion 3rd VP Ray Ridlon gave a Happy $10 for the 20min notice given to run our Lions Meeting today—you did an awesome job running the meeting!!! Lion PP Gary Sims gave a Happy $10 for a get well soon for PP Ron Snow and his radiation treatments at Loma Medical Center.


3rd VP & Acting President Ray Ridlon gave a passionate “Sell the Tickets” for our Lions Summer Escape Drawing where $100 gives the gift of sight and puts on 2 sets of eyeglasses for needy or disadvantaged individuals in our community! Our breakeven point is 45 tickets—we are now at 20+. Our Lions Club is still in delinquent filing status for a few years in the early 1990’s—we are re-applying a renewal request to put everything back in order. We have come a long way since our original Lions Articles of Incorporation in 1947 where no women or no retirees were allowed in the club! I am one of those happy very recent retirees! 2012-2013 Funding Requests include: Camp Jack $10,000—Boys & Girls Club of East County $5,000—Cajon Valley School District $6748.10—Stoney’s Kids $5000—Cajon De Oro Little League $250.

2nd VP Mercy Walters—excused absence. Adopt a Street Cleanup will be held this next Saturday at 7:30am meeting at Mark Clifton Motors. Student Speaker Contest at the District Level will be held on April 27th 1:15pm at the San Diego Blind Center 310 Upas St. San Diego. Come by and hear Public Speaking at its Best! La Mesan Aaron Dyskstra will be competing for the $4,500 District Scholarship.

1st VP Kiley Grunstad—excused absence

Lion Paul Tremblay gave his Monthly Treasurer Report on Financials ending March 31, 2013 with an YTD $1300 less deficit then budgeted. Yearend estimate of $1500-$2000 to the good—after all or generous funding allocations, etc. for the fiscal year.


Attendance Drawing was won by Lion PP Ray Hackworth who generously donated his winnings to our City of Hope Weekly Donation Drive.

Keep our fellow Lions in your Thoughts & Prayers who may be sick or in distress or in need of prayers:  Lion PP Ron Snow for radiation treatments at the Loma Linda Medical Center—WE WISH YOU WELL!  And for Lion 2nd VP Mercy Walters for a speedy recovery from her recent surgical procedure—YOU ARE VERY MUCH MISSED!

And a Special Thanks to Lion Christian Willie & wife Reggie for representing our El Cajon Valley Host Lions at the City of Hope Annual Lions Day on Sunday April 7th!

And don’t forget that Lions pin you wear on your collar represents that you belong to the greatest service organization in the world…the El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club “2011-2012 District 4L6 Large Lion Club of the Year!”

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