Newsletter 10/22/12

El Cajon Valley Host Lions

October 22, 2012 34 Members and 1 Guest


Lion President Bill Sturgeon opened the meeting at 12:30pm with Lion PP Jerry Hollingsworth, Songmaster, leading our Lions with “O say can you see…”. Pledge of Allegiance was proudly led by PP Elmer Vierkant. Prayer & Invocation was given by 2nd VP Mercy Walters. Helen Keller’s Inspirational Thought for the week was given by Lion Jeff Winters “The highest result of education is tolerance”.


Lion IPP Don Anthony introduced our guest David Huntingmen from Window Solutions. Kudo’s were given to David for the recent fine job of replacing some windows at Clifton Mercedes Motors.


Lion PP Gary Robinson shared a request letter from the San Diego Blind Center for need of sponsors for an upcoming Walk a Thon. Please keep the City of Hope filled with your generous donations. Sell & Push the Lions Pancake Tickets!


3RD VP Ray Ridlon—excused on business trip to Oregon.

2nd VP Mercy Walters reminded fellow Lions about Adopt A Street Community Project this Saturday October 27th meeting at Clifton Mercedes at 7:30am. Student Speaker Contest will be held on January 28th and chaired by Lion Paul Walters. Changes with the distribution of Used Eyeglass donations will result in sending possibly half of donated eye glasses for our Southern California region needs. Lion Warren McKenna has done a great job expanding our Lions Website and is looking for business sponsors for our website—similar to our $50.00 Lions Placement Mats. Lion IPP Don Anthony was the 1st to Step Up and Sign Up for our Lions Website Sponsor Campaign.

1st VP Kiley Grunstad asked IPP Don Anthony to give an update on our Lions Pancake & Car Show Breakfast this Sunday October 28th. Lion Sharie Hoops will be conducting a 50-50 Drawing at the Breakfast. Singing Hills Beauty Queens will be featured. Monica Zech, Communications Officer from the City of El Cajon stepped up and purchased tickets for the Pancake Breakfast. Monica is also a faithful and supportive Lion with the Heartland Lions. Lion Monica wrote a nice news article in the newspaper promoting our Lions Pancake Breakfast—Thanks Lion Monica!.


Lion PP Gary Sims, Tail Twister, collected the following Happy Dollars & Happy Fines: Lion PP Ray Hackworth was given a “Plenary Indulgence” exemption to share his weekly Joke which was an Abbot & Costello Super Duper Computer Store. Lion President Bill Sturgeon gave a Happy $20 for Lion Ray’s humorous joke. Lion IPP Don Anthony gave a Happy $5 for our Aztecs super last minute win! Lion PP Dick Rogers gave a Happy $5 for the go go Aztecs. Lion Paul Walters gave a Happy $5 for District 4L6 recognition as the “being the top district” in our Lions Region. Lion PP Mike Mortellaro gave a Happy $5 for his Bike Ride that was sponsored by the Bell Gardens Lions. Lion PP Bruno Cirello gave a Happy $5 for his acquisition of Aztec season basketball tickets. Lion Arnold Martin gave a Happy $5 for getting to sit next to Lion Christian Willie. Lion PP Ron Paris gave a Happy $2 for the Chargers who did not lose this week—they have a bye week from their heartbreaking tough loss last week. Lion PP Bruce Boorman gave a Happy $20 for his trip to South Dakota to see his star goalie grandson play in an exciting college soccer game. Lion PP Mark Clifton gave a Happy $5 for his some of his windows that were replaced by our guest David Huntingmen from Window Solutions. Lion Tony “Rocco” Collura gave a Happy $5 for selling $205.00 Lions Pancake Breakfast Tickets (with big help from his girlfriend). WOW what great selling! Lion PP Elmer Vierkant gave a Happy $1 for his car that was “totaled” in a recent auto accident. Lion Elmer went on to recount many of his other auto accidents over the years. Lion PP Mark Clifton gave a Happy $1 to encourage Lion Elmer to look at getting a Clifton Mercedes to replace his “totaled car”. Lion Tony Hodge gave a bundle of Happy $1’s to express his happiness in being here at our Lions meeting!


Lion PP George Hurst, Speaker Program Chair, introduced the speaker Monica Zech, Communications Officer for the City of El Cajon. Monica has been the Communications Officer the past 11 years and served as Safety Officer &spokesperson for the Fire Dept along with an illustrious career in the broadcasting industry. Ms Zech gave an inspiring presentation of the City of El Cajon’s 100 Year Centennial Celebration and Centennial Parade that will be held on Monday November 12th. 250 volunteers have been helping to plan and partake in the Centennial which will include our Lions Float and Lions Exhibit Table and a Flash Mob Dance Closing Ceremony—come on out and celebrate the City of El Cajon’s 100 Year Birthday!!!


Attendance Drawing Winner was Lion PP Elmer Vierkant. Just a gentle reminder that the uniform of the day will be proudly wearing of your Lions Vest at our next meeting (last Monday of each month). And don’t forget that pin you wear on your collar represents that you belong to the greatest service organization in the world…The El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club “2011-2012 District 4L6 large Lions Club of the Year”.

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