Newsletter 09/24/2012

El Cajon Valley Host Lions

September 24, 2012 33 Members and 6 Guests


Lion President Bill Sturgeon opened the meeting at 12:30pm with a room filled with proud Lions in their colorful Lions Vests decorated with a wide array of medals & medallions! Lion PP Jerry Hollingsworth, our Songmaster, led our Lions and guests with a very patriotic song. Pledge of Allegiance was led by Lion PP Dick Rogers. Prayer & Invocation was recited by Lion PP Mark Clifton. Inspirational Helen Keller Quote of the Week was given by Lion Tony Hodge “The highest result of education is Tolerance”.


Lion IPP Don Anthony warmly introduced the following guests: Maria Samard, Campus President, Newbridge College. Ms. Samard expressed interest in possibly joining our El Cajon Valley Lions and mentioned that her father was a member of the National City Lions. Kathy Spacone, retired teacher, was a guest running for the El Cajon City Council.Guests, Mike and Cindy Buchanan, owners of a Travel Agency and a Marketing Firm have expressed interest in possibly joining our Lions Club—they were given an application! Mike and Cindy have cared for 41 Foster Kids through the county and have adopted a Foster Child with Special Needs. Kudo’s go to our El Cajon Valley Lions who invited Maria Samard and Mike & Cindy Buchanan to our Lions Meeting when they were at last Thursday’s Chamber Business Expo. Zachary Hodge was a guest of Lion Tony Hodge who is working with dad and going to SD State studying Computer Science. Grandson “Brett” was here for his 5th visit with Lion PP Bob Moreau. Lion Bob mentioned that in 14 years he’ll be looking at giving Brett an application to join our Lions! Edwin Fisher paid us a surprise visit and announced that he was a member of the El Cajon Valley Lions in the 1950’s.


Lion PP Ray Hackworth opened the announcements with a good “necktie joke” and announced a new Commerative Banner Patch to promote the Camp Jack Program. Lion Ray mentioned that “Love Mail Postcards” were sent to 8 Lions we have not seen for a while with 6 showing up today—we are always glad to see you at our meetings and appreciate your attendance. Lion PP Gary Robinson is in Tuscon to help his mother who recently fell and getting some rehab—we miss you Lion Gary. Thanks for keeping our City of Hope Cans filled with weekly donations.


3rd VP Ray Ridlon gave an update on our Lions Annual Picnic on October 7th. We have 35 signed up so far and additional RSVP’s are appreciated. Lions Foundation Meeting will be held Tuesday September 25th.

2nd VP Mercy Walters announced our Community Service Day “Adopt-a-Streets” will be held this Saturday September 29th at 7:30am meeting at Clifton Mercedes Motors. Lion Mercy reported that last Thursday’s Chamber Business Expo was a very productive event with good opportunities to network and promote the Lions—3 guests at our meeting today were a result of our recruiting efforts a the expo. Thanks to all Lions and family members who attended The Expo: Lion President Bill Sturgeon, Lion Christian Willie, Lion PP Bruce Boorman and wife Pat, Lion 2nd VP Mercy Walters, Lion Paul Walter and Lion PP Elmer Vierkant. El Cajon Valley Lions will attend the upcoming Chamber of Commerce First Friday Meeting to further promote Lionism. Lion 3rd VP Mercy was asked to donate a Happy $5 for her joy & exhuberence with her lengthy but very informative VP Report.

1st VP Kiley Grunstad introduced Lion IPP Don Anthony to give a report on our upcoming Pancake Breakfast on October 28th. Sign Up Sheets are being passed around for needed help in the kitchen and dining areas. Lion Paul Walters did a good job of selling advance tickets for our Lions Pancake Breakfast at the Chamber Expo and encouraged Lions members to post the Pan cake Breakfast Flyer in their businesses and community.


Lion Bob Acker, Tail Twister, made the rounds of collecting a Happy $5 from any Lions who were not wearing their Vests today. Additional Happy Dollars & Happy Fines included: Lion PP George Hurst gave a Happy $20 for his kitchen that has been ripped out for remodeling—looking for any invites to dinner during the lengthy remodel! Lion IPP Don Anthony auctioned off 2 Padre Tickets for Padres Night on September 27th with winning bid to Lion PP Mark Clifton. Lion 3rd VP Kiley Grunstad asked for a Pink Slip to give some big Happy Dollars for his Chicago Bears big win! Lion Ron Black gave a Happy $10 for his vacation trip to the White Mountains in Arizona where he saw a Clifton Mercedes License Plate and also for his missing vest. Lion PP Phil Smith gave a Happy $5 for his relaxing trip to the Sierra’s and seeing Mt. Whitney. Lion Paul Walters gave a Happy $5 for the successful Chambers Business Expo. Lion Tony Hodge gave a Happy $5 for his missing vest and a Happy $10 for a 10 dollar bill he found on a soccer field.


Lion PP George Hurst, Speakers Chair, introduced Carol and Bob Green from the Old Globe Theatre. They have been Ambassadors for the Old Globe the past 23 years and have been very passionate in promoting the Old Globe Theatre’s 80+ years in the community. Theatre Ticket Sales account for 50-60 % of the Old Globe budget with additional fundraising revenues such as their yearly Fashion Show that raises approx $150,000 and other various fundraising events. Behind the Scenes Tours are available with Carol and her husband Don. Carol ended her presentation with a thoughtful quote: “The theatre is all about storytelling …which touches the deepest part of our humanity. It is more than just entertaining…it is there to stretch us…dares us to hope…and brings us Tears as well as Laughter!”


Attendance Drawing ticket was drawn by visiting Speaker Carol Green with winner of drawing Lion Tony Hodge. Sign up for the various upcoming Lion Projects that include: Adopt-a-Street, Lions Pancake Breakfast and our Lions Visitation Team with an upcoming Visitation on Tuesday October 9th –for info contact Visitations Chair Lion Chris Funtall or Co Chair Lion Mike Wasyliw. Don’t forget that pin you wear on your collar represents that you belong to the greatest service organization in the world..the El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club “2011-2012 Lions Club of the Year!”

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