Newsletter 08/27/18


August 27, 2018    Members: 31  Guests: 1

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club


Opening:  Prez Jeff

Song Master:  Maestro PP Jerry                                 Song: You Are My Sunshine

Pledge of Allegiance: PP Van                                     Invocation: Lion Christian


Helen Keller quote by PP Bruce: “The only thing worse than being blind is having site but no vision.” 



Kim Ronson guest of Lion Dolores – 2nd visit



When you come in for meetings, don’t forget to purchase your 50/50 drawing tickets.

New club directories are available at the check-in table.


Prez Jeff presented Lion Capt Rob with a Certificate of Appreciate for arranging the venue (Community Room at the ECPD) for our 1st District Membership Meeting last Sat.


At the district meeting PP Carl Ruiz won a raffle prize but left before the drawing so Lion Dick Nasif was kind enough to tote it to today’s meeting for presentation.


El Cajon Valley Host LC had the most members at the district meeting and Lion Dick N gave a terrific presentation on Guide Dogs of the Desert.


Doris Huls sent a letter of thanks for receiving and enjoying our newsletter – so thankful that she sent a check for $30 to help pay for the mailings of her newsletters – a BIG Thank You Doris!


Bob Groff 8/1, Rod Streeper 8/3, Ron Snow 8/10, Tom Normandie 8/15, Paul Walters 8/19, Hugh Cowan 8/21 and Sharie Hoops 8/28. 


EXEMPT BADGES: Webmaster Warren and PP Yvonne


GOOD CHEER:  PP Tony is under the weather and we hope he feels better real soon.

Remember, if you know of any members who are in distress, sick or in the hospital, PLEASE notify PP Yvonne so our good wishes can be sent to them.



Sept 3,4 and 10th – DARK

Sept 8th – Alpine Fire Survivors Fundraiser – 3520 Alpine Blvd

Sept 9th – Canine Companions for Independence – Dog Fest Walk n Roll at Liberty Station

Sept 11th – Tues night meeting/dinner – Elks Lodge 6PM

Sept 12th – ECVH Board Meeting 6PM – come early for dinner 5PM  $14

Sept 15th – ECVH family picnic at 1st Veep Chris’ home.  The Wrangler will cater. 3-8PM

Oct 3rd – District 4L6 Lion Veteran of the Year at Anchor & Spurs Event Center, SD



3rd Veep Gary Zink Progress


2nd VP Mike Raney:  Progress


1st VP Chris Bramwell: MIA  


Membership Chair Cathy Bailes:
 No Report



 Husband and wife went shopping at Wal-Mart.  He picks up a 24-pack of beer on sale for $10. She insists its too expensive and makes him put it back.  She picks up a $20 jar of cold cream and he says it’s too expensive to which she says “it makes me beautiful and sexy for you” to which he retorts “so does a case of beer and at half the price”.


HAPPY DOLLARS: Bob ‘the Hatchet Man’ Acker was in charge of the basket today.

Felina $5 missed the district membership last Saturday

Rob R $? will be in Vegas for NASCAR races at the time of our next meeting

Cathy $? Madres are having a fund raiser with the drawing on Sept 24th.  Prize is a suite for 4 at the Padre/Diamondback game.  See Lion Cathy for tickets

Marge $10 for a terrific trip to Illinois for her brothers 50th Wedding Anniversary then on to Minnesota to see her first Great Granddaughter for the first time.  Pictures were available

Paul W $? Thanks to Rob and the EC PD for making the room available for the membership mtg.

Bruce $59 for his upcoming (Wed 9/29) 59th Wedding Anniversary–congrats to you and Lady Pat


How and Why I Became a Lion by PP Ray Hackworth

PP Ray was sponsored by Walt Unger in 1982.  Ray was President 2001-2002.

Ray came to San Diego in 1960 and was in the swimming pool business.  He ended up building concrete buildings, reservoirs and owned Sunset Pools. 

One day he saw concrete tilt-up buildings being constructed and decided he could do that and owned some property to do it on.  After obtaining his B-1 General Contractors license he built out Prospect Business Park in Santee and other projects in El Cajon and Lakeside.

There is more to a story than we know about an A-frame house Ray built at Lake Cuyamaca, other than the fact that it took him 2 ½ years exclusive of a completed roof.

PP Ray and Dorothy “Dixie” have been married either 32, 33, 34, 35 or perhaps even 36 years.  I’m confident he will know the exact number as soon as Dixie reads this newsletter!





Bill McNamara


Shelby Bedell


Bill McNamara Supervising Special Agent and Shelby Bedell Intelligence Analyst both from the San Diego Division of the FBI speaking on International Terrorism.

At the International level the FBI’s role is with the JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) which partners with local policing agencies.  International Terrorism is a priority with the FBI.

It consists of ISIS, individuals who travel abroad to terrorist countries, and Al Queda.

The Islamic State (ISIS) was formed in 2004 and still boasts over 30,000 overseas members.  They market themselves to our disenchanted youth and gang members who want them to use the name of ISIS when they commit attacks.  All this in hopes of increasing their strength.

Al Queda, in the Iberian Peninsula, give guidance online on how to build a bomb at home.

Anwar Awlaki was a local here in San Diego and is now an Al Queda leader. 

ISIS has lost a lot of its territory overseas which may shift their attention to local people to carry out terrorism acts.  The FBI is looking for those who are sympathetic to ISIS or travel to those countries. Travelers going abroad are of themselves not suspicious but those traveling to countries known to have prevalent terrorism are watched.

Terrorists are those opposing our laws and values and who desire to push their own agendas.


Other websites to visit: LionsDistrict4L6;;


Winner of Attendance Drawing:  $20.  Donated to City of Hope

Winner of the 50/50 Opportunity Drawing:  $89


***Don’t forget about the El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation in your Will/Trust***




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