newsletter 07/08/13

El Cajon Valley Host Lions

July 8, 2013            33 Members and 4 Guests


Lion Acting President Mercy Walters opened the meeting at 12:30pm. Lion President Kiley Grunstad was out of town in Germany at the International Lions Convention. Lion PP Jerry Hollingsworth, Songmaster, led our Lions in singing “You’re a grand ole flag!” Pledge of Allegiance was energetically recited by Lion Sharie Hoops, Melvin Jones awardee. Prayer & Invocation was given by Lion Treasurer Paul Tremblay. Helen Keller Quote of the Week was inspirationally recited by Lion PP Ron Snow.


Lion IPP Bill Sturgeon introduced the following four (4) guests: Randy Klotts on his second visit—guest of Lion Arnold Martin, Carter Short on his second visit—guest of Lion David Huntamer, Brent, grandson on one of many visits—guest of Lion PP Bob Moreau and our featured guest speaker Janine Lortscher.


Lion PP Dick Rogers received a breaking news email from Lion President Kiley Grunstad at our Lions International Convention in Hamburg Germany. Lion Kiley reported that he has been very busy trading plenty of Lions Collector Pins with Lions from all over the world. The Lions International Parade was great and he was taking plenty of pictures that he will share when he gets back.

Lions Board Meeting this Thursday July 11th at 6pm at the residence of PDG Len Blottin 1219 Vista Grande Rd. El Cajon with steaks & potluck dishes. All are invited and please RSVP with Lion Secretary Gary Robinson. Let’s start our new Lion year with a good Board Meeting!

District Installation of Officers will be held on August 24th at the Holiday Inn in San Diego on North Harbor Drive.

Lion PP Bruce Boorman is updating our new Lions Directory. Lion VP’s are asked to submit all changes as soon as possible.


3rd VP Van Willsey reported that Sign Up Sheets for the August 16th 7:10pm Padres Night are on the tables. Please sign up and join our fellow Lions & families for an enjoyable fun evening. Lion Warren McKenna, chair of the event is getting us some good seats. Camp Jack is still  looking for signups for the Lake Cuyamaca Fishing Camp on July 23, 24, 30, 31st and BBQ on Sunday July 21st. Lion PP Ray Hackworth reported that Lion Dick Nasif, Head Chef, was concerned about “the help”—so please sign up and come by about 4pm and help serve the dinner to the campers at 6pm. The kids will be picked up for the camp on July 21st starting at 11:30am and leaving at 1pm on a bus to the Camp in Descanso. On July 28th kids will be coming back and Lions help would be appreciated on both days to load and unload the camp baggage, etc.

2nd VP Ray Ridlon, excused absence. Lion Ray sent us a hello email that he is on the border of South Dakota and Minnesota, the bike ride is going very well so far and he will see everyone in late August. We wish you Good Luck, God Speed & a God Bless for your continued big bike adventure!

1st VP Mercy Walters reported that it was good to see visitors Carter Short and Randy Klotts for their return second visit. Our Membership Committee will be attending the upcoming Chamber of Commerce Breakfast to promote our Lions Club and attract new potential members.


Lion PP Bob Moreau, Tail Twister, did a great job collecting the following Happy Dollars & Happy Fines: Lion Paul Walters gave a Happy $5 with a  glad to see Lion Tony Hodge, Lion PP Hugh Cowan, Lion PP Ed Waymire and Lion PP Ron Snow at today’s meeting! Lion Sharie Hoops gave a Happy $5 and a like -wise glad to see Lions Tony, Hugh, Ed and Ron—we are really glad to see you and hope you will come back soon! Lion PDG Len Blottin gave a Happy $5 for his nephew who played well and hit a couple of homers for his Little League team! Lion PP Ray Hackworth gave a Happy $5 after being reminded by Lion PP Bob Moreau, Tail Twister, of his big poker game winnings! Lion 3rd VP Van Willsey gave a Happy $5 for his golf game on the 4th where he lost only 6 balls! Lion PP Ed Waymire gave a Happy $5 with a very happy to be here and a glad to see you all! Lion Mike Carleton gave a Happy $5 for his nice Baja Mexico camping trip! Lion PP George Hurst gave a Happy $20 for his nice recent vacation to Hawaii! Lion Tony Hodge gave a Happy $60 with a Happy to be here! Lion PP Ron Snow gave a Happy $100 for feeling great after spending past two weeks for his medical treatments at Loma Linda! Lion Bob Acker gave a Happy $5 saying he was feeling a bit guilty for Lion President Kiley Grunstad $200 fine to get the bell back—this might not be a good approach to attract new members and might scare the carp out of them. Lion Bob suggested we hold our president to a $100 missing bell fine and a $100 in abeyance for good behavior! Lion PP Hugh Cowan gave a Happy $1 and a glad to be here today! Lion Acting President Mercy Walters  gave a Happy $5 for cutting off her hubby when he was trying to make a point while speaking! Plenty of Good Happy Dollars & Happy Fines were raised at today’s meeting.


Lion PP George Hurst, Speaker Chair, introduced Janine Lortscher from Sharp Grossmont Hospital Hospice & Advance Care. Janine gave a very informative presentation on Sharp Hospice which is a part of the Sharp Healthcare System. There are currently 25 different Hospices in the San Diego area with Sharp Hospice as the 2nd largest. San Diego Hospice is no longer in business due to a recent difficult Medicare Audit. The average length of stay with Sharp Hospice is 50 days. Perceptions of Hospice Care are changing, from a perception as a death sentence to  where it is a way to die a natural death, often at home or a hospice home with your loved one around and with excellent pain management as needed.


Attendance Drawing was won by Lion PP Roger Stebleton who contributed his winnings to our City of Hope Drive.

It was so good to see Lion Tony Hodge, Lion PP Hugh Cowan, Lion PP Ed Waymire and Lion PP Ron Snow at our meeting today!

And to share a quote by George Carlin on aging and/or dying: Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘holy mole-y …what a ride!’ And, as our esteemed Helen Keller would say: “Life is a daring adventure… or it is nothing at all!”

And don’t forget that Lions Pin you wear on your collar represents that you belong to the greatest service organization in the world…the El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club!

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