Newsletter 06/25/12



June 25, 2012                         31 Members                          VOL. 65, ISSUE 39


Naturally on a beautiful day which we seem to always have, the Greatest Club in the World gathered for President Don’s last meeting at the helm. His knowledge that it was his last meeting and being a light day, President Don seemed to have all that pressure off his shoulder and he looked ten years younger. (Or it might have been that I didn’t have my glasses on, oh well, either way) Lion PP Jerry Hollingsworth before he started the song gave us an up-date on PP Trent Huls. Lion Trent is doing  fine after his surgery and the club is looking forward to his speedy return and it goes without saying that our hearts and prayers goes out to him and his lovely wife Doris. (Oops I guess I did say it) Lion PP/Secretary Gary (the foundation of our club) recited the pledge with the invocation falling to our Lion Treasure Paul, who did an excellent job.


Before I get started here I would like to let you know that while we were eating, two students from the Steel Canyon High School dropped in on us today to give us 80 pairs of eyeglasses that they had collect.  Our future generation is in good hands with the young people like that. I’m so proud students like that and we can’t forget our Leos. Bravo!

President Don reminded everyone that the Steak Fry is this Saturday at Hoban Home. PP Ron Paris needs to know if you are showing up so if you didn’t sign up and want to go you must contact Lion PP Ron by no later than Friday.

Lions Foundation Meeting is tonight but I do believe you will receive this notice too late so never mind.


Today we were honored to induct into our club our newest member, Roy Collura. President Don walked him up blindfolded and PDG Len gave his induction speech. It looks like Lion Roy will be a valuable member of this club and we are lucky to have him on board.


Lion President Don immediately called on Lion PP Tom Hoban to tell his story about a new horse he picked up with the help of Lion Prez Don. He gave a happy 5 along with Lion Don. Lion PP Bob Moreau gave a happy 5 for Lion President Don leaving him out on Saturday’s speech about being the horseshoe champion. Lion President gave another 5. Lion Warren and Lion Van donated their tips from Saturday night which was a total of 10 dollars to the pot and Lion Warren gave another 4 happy dollars for a poker game which he came away with some winnings. He also noted that the Steak Fry this Saturday will have some excellent booze and suggest members bring some of their favorites too. Lion PP Bruce Boorman gave a happy 10 for a trip for his granddaughter’s graduation. Lion Ray Ridlon gave a happy 20 for his trip with his lovely wife Terri and a bike ride that his 6 year old grandson handled 20 miles alongside his grandpa. Lion Sharie gave a happy 5 for the installation dinner with Lion Van giving a happy 2 and In-coming President Bill giving a happy 20 for the same. Lion PP Roger Stebleton said that Jerry Fazio should gave some happy money for all he has received from this club for the Boys & Girls Club not knowing that Jerry already had a happy 5 for the basket. Finally, our newest Lion Roy Collura gave a happy 20 for being a new member.


Jerry Fazio, well known to us as the head man at the Boys & Girls Club was with us today as our guest speaker. Jerry spoke about the individual Lion members over the years that has been instrumental in helping him out; PP Jerry Hollingsworth, PP Trent Huls, PP Roger Stebleton, Lion Lesa Mitchell to name a few and also our club that has been a major supporter of the East County Boys & Girls Club. He gave us a tour of their progress throughout the county and their project goals for the future. We always enjoy having Jerry visit us.


This was a double amount drawing and the big winner is Lion PP Floyd Sorenson running away with a huge payload.  Well he didn’t run that fast, it was more like a walk.

Editor’s Note:

I have written the newsletter for over the last 5 years with the help of Lion PP Phil Smith, Lion PP Dick Rogers and Lion PP Bruce Boorman backing me up and at times propping me up.  I have enjoyed picking on members and at times making things up just to have fun with this. That’s what this club is all about. I love this club and highly respect each and every one in this fine organization.  I am retiring from the newsletter as my outside job is becoming so time consuming. I would like to thank all that have encouraged me and have said how they look forward to the newsletter just to see what twist I might have put in there. Many of times that has kept me going. I leave knowing that Lion Mike Wasyliw will pick this up where I left off and put his own mark and create his own legacy that you will enjoy in the years to come.  

When I was President I came up with the phrase and have put it in every newsletter…

Don’t forget that pin you wear on your collar represents that you belong to the greatest service organization in the world…the EL CAJON VALLEY HOST LIONS CLUB.

And I truly believe that and I hope you realize it. God Bless all of you… PP Ed

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