Newsletter 04/20/15

El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club

April 20th     36 Lions 2 Guests    PP Dick Rogers


PP Hollingsworth started the meeting off with an average rendition of Grand Ole Flag followed by the pledge led by Justin Stewart. Treasurer Paul Tremblay gave a rather lengthy invocation  but Carter Short made up for it with a short Helen Keller quote.


IPP Grunstad introduced two guests, a perspective member Jeff Smith, guest of PP Clifton and Doris Fifer widow of PDG Fifer who brought us 4 bags of used glasses from the Elks Lodge in honor of PP Vierkant. Then President Mercy introduced Vice District Governor John Ruiz who was here hunting for votes in his campaign for District Governor at the forthcoming convention in Yuma.


April 22nd Casino Night planning at Hoban Office 5:30 pm

April 25th ECHS 15th annual Golf Tournament at Cottonwood

April 29th Salvation Army Golf  Tournament at Sycuan

May 1st, 2nd and 3rd District Convention in Yuma

May 7th La Mesa Lions Spaghetti Dinner with entertainment

May 8th ECPD night at the community center

May 13 Board Meeting

June 6th Annual Presidents steak fry at Hoban’s Ranchero

June 12th Flag day at Madison Elementary School

June 13th Casino Night

June 20th Installation night at Ridlon’s Home

Cathy Bailes announced she will be walking in the MS walk this week end and needed sponsors. PP Hurst started the ball rolling with a $50 pledge. Then a pledge envelope was passed around the room and cash of various denominations were donated. Way to go Cathy.

3rd VP REPORT Rocco absent

No Visitation scheduled, Flag Day June 12th at Madison Elementary, Steak Fry June 6th.


District Convention in Yuma May 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Rooms $84 until April 30th.

Adopt a street: only Lions to show up at last clean up were Wilsey and PP Clifton. they had all the doughnuts to them selves.

3rd VP REPORT on vacation

Casino tickets and posters are available from our treasurer and please start selling sponsorships.




Vice DG John Ruiz inducted new member Henry Coleman sponsored by PP Moreau.  This is Bob’s 4th new member and made him eligible for a gold star from International.  We now a have direct connection to those delicious Strawberry/Rubbarb pies.


Not much time left for fines but Tailtwister Bob did manage to get 9 fines collected

$10 from Paul Walters for Doris Fifes glasses donation

$5 PP Sims for Hackworth not to tell a joke

$5 Cathy for a MS Donations

$10 PP Walt Simmons for “our” Padres

$5 PP Moreau for his grandson being hired by the SDPD and his other grandson for making the athletic Hall Fame at U of Ca in San Marcos in Baseball.  All Future Lions I assume.

$5 Doris Fifer for the wonderful greeting she got from Secretary Paul when she arrived

$5 Chris Short for Hackworth’s joke which knew was going to be bad that’s why he left early.

$5 PP Hackworth. Not for his joke but for being unable to tie his tie as an ex Marine.

Drawing winner was Mike Carleton who donated it to the City of Hope.


Our Program today was all about the Boy Scouts presented by our Past President Mark Robak and James Lennon. Most of us were Scouts in the past or had kids in the program so we understood what they do and what they teach and stand for. A great program that has finally settled some issues that were holding them back. I bet you didn’t know that they have 3 million scouts in the USA.

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