Newsletter 10/01/12


October  1st, 2012         33 Members   4 Guests     Vol. ??, Issue ??



1st VP Kiley was pinch hitting for Lion President Bill. Lion Kiley gaveled the meeting to order right on time. Attendance could be characterized as sparse at best as many LIONS must have decided to stay inside rather than to venture out in the heat of the day.   But to the delight of those of us who did make it, PP Jerry led us in a rousing rendition of GOD BLESS AMERICA that left chills running up and down one’s spine. Lion IPP Don Anthony stood tall and started off the PLEDGE for the group and Treasurer PT Tremblay recited some heavenly praise and encouragement for our accomplishments during his invocation for us today as WE SERVE. PP Gordon Bush escorted his two sons-in law to lunch today, and Cindy and Mike Buchanon came back for a second visit to check us out.

Nothing But The Truth…  

1st VP Kiley started things off singing happy birthday to our fellow Lions celebrating birthdays this month. Those in attendance gave a happy $5 to mark the occasion… Lion PT says there are still plenty of Entertainment Books available for sale that help benefit our club with a portion of the proceeds going directly to us…. PP Mark Clifton was spied by someone wearing Lion PP Tammy Burst’s badge during the meeting. I know Lion Tammy – and you’re no Lion Tammy, PP Clifton. Your legs are much too hairy… We still need volunteers to help with our upcoming Pancake Breakfast scheduled for Sunday October 28th. … Lion Mike Carleton offered a short report on the San Diego Blood Bank Drive at El Cajon Valley High School scheduled for Wednesday October 10 starting at 8:30 am. The event is being held in the dance room close to the front of the school and runs until 2:00 pm. Members of our LEO’s Club will be there to assist…Does anyone else miss PP Dan Krash Kornik as much as I do? What a kind and gentle soul he was. Just wondering…There is a Lions Foundation meeting scheduled for Thursday October 11 @ 6:00 pm at Hoban’s place…. Doris Huls donated some of PP Trent’s CLUB items to us. They were auctioned off today with the money going to benefit the Lions Club Foundation. Thank you Doris….Lion Christian Wille gave an account of a vehicle accident he came upon last week. Our very own PP Elmer’s car was rear ended by another vehicle after Lion Elmer stopped quickly to avoid a dog running out into the street. According to Lion Christian, the undertaker’s car was totaled. Lion Elmer was shaken up but not seriously hurt. Thank you for watching out for him. No account on the fate of the renegade Chihuahua was given….This month’s exempt badge was auctioned off to PDG Len Blottin. Lion Len and his lovely bride, PDG Bucky, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a vacation in Maui. Congratulations and thank you!…and that’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

VP Reports

Lion 3 VP Ray Ridlon reports–It’s PICNIC TIME! One of our favorite events of the year takes place this Sunday, October 7th at Santee Lakes starting at 11:00am. The picnic is held at the usual spot at Lake 5 under the Big Oak tree. Bring your chairs and appetites. If you didn’t sign up for the event, show up anyway. Lots of free food, drinks and fun for everyone. Clothing optional…Lion Mercy expressed her appreciation for all of those Lions that show up to assist with the Adopt-A-Street cleanup along W. Main Street. Is there a sign along that street giving credit to our CLUB yet?… Lion 1st VP Kiley G. encouraged everyone to sell or give away your Pancake Breakfast tickets so we have another stellar turnout. Going to be a great car show, too. Acting President Kiley also raffled off a couple of tickets to the KGB Sky Show and Aztec football game this Saturday. The tickets came with several additional perks as well including a tailgate hosted by him in the parking lot prior to the game.

Happy Dollars

Lion Mike Carleton put in some dough for a great start to the lobster season. He said he and his partner hooped one that was 12-13 pounds and big enough to feed a family of six. It was estimated she was close to 50 years old. After some debate and a couple of photos, the two decided to release it back into the bay waters…. Lion Van, who by the way has been one of the best free agent pickups this Club has gotten in recent memory, put in a Benjamin Franklin for going to a Padre game with Lion Warren recently. The game was followed with a wild night in the Gas Lamp district that ended shortly before sunrise…Lion Warren also ponied up some of his winnings from a recent poker game out at PP Moreau’s ranch in Dehesa valley…Several other Lions were happy about various triumphs and indiscretions as well.


Aaron Renick, the community and public affairs spokesperson at UCSD was here today to give us an overview of the new Jacobs Medical Center set to open soon. The center has a projected cost of 670 million dollars and features the latest in medical technology. Little wonder the cost of medical care is so high someone mused from the back of the room. Nice presentation and a great speaker!

Attendance Drawing &Closing Thoughts

Congratulations out to the winner of won the big bucks in our attendance drawing today. I forgot to write down the winner but I’m sure they donated the proceeds back to the CLUB. And we’ll see you at the picnic this Sunday at Santee Lakes. Bring your chairs and sunscreen. And don’t forget that pin you wear on your collar represents that you belong to the greatest service organization in the world! The El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club “2011-2012 District 4-L6 large Lions Club of the year.


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