Newsletter 09/17/18


September 17, 2018    Members:  35  Guests: 2

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club

Business Meeting


Opening:  Pres. Jeff

Song Master:  PP Jerry                                               Song: My Country Tis of Thee

Pledge of Allegiance:  Lion Sharie                              Invocation: Lion Bonita


Helen Keller quote by PP Bruce:  “It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision”


 Clint Higgins Director of golf at Singing Hills guest of 1st Veep Chris


Good to See:

Jeff Smith, Kiley and Skip



.When you come in for meetings, don’t forget to purchase your 50/50 drawing tickets.

.New club directories are available at the check-in table.

.Fantastic Picnic Saturday at Bramwell’s amazing home with views forever.  Thanks Chris and Cathy for a great day.

.Sec Paul says we received a patch for our banner from LCIF for club membership giving for fiscal 2017-2018.

.Also the City of El Cajon has approved our request to donate a park bench for the Promenade.

.PANCAKE BREAKFAST TICKETS will be with your newsletter in the mail if you did not pick them up today at the meeting.

.Pres. Jeff presented PP Phil Smith with his 25 year membership chevron – Congrats

.DG Mercy gave us updates on District 4L6 and LCI happenings.  Our First VDG Bill Browning has resigned his position due to personal reasons and he will be replaced within the month.


Dr.Terry Winegar 9/11, Kirby Morrison 9/15, Jim Sing 9/16, Jon Martin 9/19, Dr. Mark Krause 9/11, Mercy Walters 9/25, Sean Kelsey 9/28. 


EXEMPT BADGES:  PP Tom H and 1st Veep Chris


GOOD CHEER:  PP Walt had his right hip replaced on 9/11 at Zion and he is at home recovering. We wish him a speedy recovery.

PP Ray H is in the hospital but we don’t know why.  Again, more info when I get it.  GET WELL

Remember, if you know of any members who are in distress, sick or in the hospital, PLEASE notify PP Yvonne so our good wishes can be sent to them.



Oct 3rd – District 4L6 Lion Veteran of the Year at Anchor & Spurs Event Center, SD

Oct 5th – Chamber First Friday Breakfast at Steele Canyon Golf Resort.  RSVP to the Chamber

Oct 13th – San Diego Center for the Blind – White Cane Luncheon Fund Raiser

Oct 14thEl Cajon Valley Host LC Pancake Breakfast 8AM

Oct 25th – La Mesa LC – That’s Amore’ Spaghetti Dinner

Nov 14th – World Diabetes Day.  Diabetes is an LCI Global Cause

Nov 24th – Holiday Lights on Main Street

Dec 18th – ECVH Christmas Party  6PM at Elks Lodge



3rd Veep Gary Zink  Left early


2nd VP Mike Raney:  Progress


1st VP Chris Bramwell: Chris has his committees all set for the pancake breakfast.

Treas Paul has tickets, posters and flyers  for the breakfast and this year the price has been lowered to $7 pp.  You will be charged for your booklet of tickets so sell, sell, sell.

The Ron Paris Memorial Horseshoe Tournament trophy was won by ringer Henry Reid and Chris.


Membership Chair Cathy Bailes:
 No Report





Those who had a great time at our club picnic last weekend and put in a Happy $5 were Mike Raney , Dolores, Phil Smith, Cathy Bailes, Len, and Felina (she put in $10).  Those who missed the picnic and paid $5 were Roger and Van.

Keith $20 he and Cathy celebrating their 19th Wedding Anniversary

Paul W $5 Thanks to our City Manager for approving our request to place a sponsored bench.

Paul T $5 Made the semifinals in the horseshoe tourney at the picnic

Carl $5 Mike Raney picked him up at the bus stop for the meeting today- Thanks

Kiley $50 took his Grandfather fishing last weekend and a big shout-out to Jeff Smith and Kirk Plumbing for solving an plumbing problem at this house recently

Cathy Bailes enjoyed playing bean bag toss and horseshoes

Mercy $5 happy to see Skip – it’s been years because she hasn’t been to meetings


Chris $? Horseshoe Champion. Happy to see PP Ray Ridlon and will be leaving Friday for 10-days

Ray R $? Had a great time in AZ last week

Len $? Got snookered at picnic by Felina’s twin sister

Mark C $100 to the Foundation which consisted of his winnings from last weeks 50/50 drawing of $86 and rounded that up to $100



El Cajon City Manager Graham Mitchell.  Graham has been our City Manager since April/May of this year.  He is a graduate of BYU and received his Master’s in Public Administration from USC.  He resides in Escondido with his wife, daughter and son.  As a graduate student he did a paid internship in Monterey Park.  He has served as Asst CM and City Manager in the past having recently been our City’s Asst. CM before his current appointment.

The ECPAC will be managed by Live National who also owns Ticket Master and are entertainment managers.  The first shows will be the first week of April 2019.  They are contracted to present 310 shows in the next 5 years.

The City of El Cajon has a thriving, balanced budget and they are preparing for a possible economic slowdown by pulling back on spending a bit.

Homelessness is a real issue and is continually being addressed by providing housing (60 placed in 7 months) together with job training and referral programs.  In the last couple of weeks the City has had Waste Management pick up some 4,000 lbs. of trash left in public rights-of-way.


Other websites to visit:  LionsDistrict4L6;;


Winner of Attendance Drawing:  Walt Simmons MIA $10  will be $20 next week


Winner of 50/50 Drawing Skip Kiefer $88 which he generously donated to Salvation Army


Apologies from the Editor…Dick Nasif was NOT the winner of last weeks 50/50 but rather PP Mark Clifton.  I just didn’t believe the look on Nasif’s face when he said he didn’t win!


***Don’t forget about the El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation in your Will/Trust***


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