Newsletter 09/16/19


Sept 16, 2019    Members:  30  Guests: 1

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club



Opening: Pres. Chris 


Song Master:  PP Tom Normandie                                         Song:  God Bless America

Pledge of Allegiance:  Birthday Boy Lion Jim Sing                 Invocation:  PP Tom Hoban


Quote by PP Bruce Boorman:Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.



 PDG Rick Hannum from La Mesa Lions

Good to See: Jeff Smith, Roger Stebleton, Gary Robinson and Tom Normandie



Sec Paul read a Thank You from PP Marge for the lovely plant.

PDG Len still has Jimmy Buffet concert tickets available $35.  Supports SD Center for the Blind

PDG Mercy wants to start the street cleanup project again.  Meet at PP Mark Clifton business on November 2nd at 7:AM.

Treas Paul T gave a brief financial report from last week’s Board Meeting.  We are ‘spot on’ for YTD finances. 

PP Phil S brought in a bag of used eyeglasses.  Sec Paul counted them and handed off to PDG Len for disposition.

PDG Rick had tickets for La Mesa Lions upcoming fund raiser – annual Sketti Dinner


NOTE: Anyone who knows who the phone belongs to that is on the front of our Directory please let me know.  619/685-7056 – it’s been there at least 16 years but doesn’t appear to belong to a member of this club.


Terry Winegar 9/11, Kirby Morrison 9/15, Jim Sing 9/16, Jonathan Martin 9/19, Mark Krause 9/22, Mercy Walters 9/25. 


EXEMPT BADGES: Len Blottin, Tony Forchette, Cathy Bailes, Yvonne Paris, Kiley Grunstad


GOOD CHEER:  PP Marge Nelson is now home with a long road in front of her.  Additionally Judy Hollingsworth had an operation this AM and we hope it was successful.   Please keep both of these gals in your prayers for full recoveries.

IF you know of any members who are in distress, sick or in the hospital, PLEASE notify PP Yvonne so our good wishes can be sent to them.


CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS:  *Unless otherwise noted all Meetings are Mon at Noon*

Sept 20th – El Cajon Valley Host Lions “Padre Night” 7:10PM $30 – See Chair Warren

Sept 30th – DARK – NO MEETING


Oct 4th – Chamber First Friday Breakfast at Ronald Reagan Comm. Center. RSVP 619/440-6161

Oct 5th – Club Picnic at Bramwell’s Estate  1PM

Oct 13th – ECVH LC Pancake Breakfast  Elks Lodge 8AM  Sign ups soon. Tickets available

Oct 1`7th – La Mesa Lions Sketti Dinner at La Mesa Memorial Community Center

Oct 26th – San Diego Center for the Blind White Cane Brunch Double Tree in MV 11AM $70



3rd VP Carl Ruiz:  Padre Night Chair Warren needs you to sign up for tickets to the game this Friday.  7:10 P game time and 5PM cocktail hours at McCormick and Schmitt’s.


2nd VP Gary Zink:  MIA but PP Gary Robinson announced our first visitation will be Tuesday, November 24th at La Mesa Lions – 12-noon.


1st VP Mike Raney:  Progress


Membership Chair Cathy Bailes: MIA but PDG Len reminded us that a members’ sponsor is responsible for indoctrinating the new member regarding our activities and purposes and to ensure they are placed on a committee as soon as is practical.


PP RAY’S RAMBLINGS:  about a homeless man who complained about having it all – until this week.  Seems he just got out of prison


HAPPY DOLLARS:  PP/TT Bob Moreau was in charge of extracting the ‘big bucks’.

Prez Chris $100 seems there a brand new Porsche in the Bramwell family and a trip to Lake Powell on his houseboat.

Mark C – was NOT wearing his coveted club pin at the Sept 6th First Friday breakfast.

Paul W $5 – Fabian volunteered to work with the pancake breakfast crew

Len – got free goods from Kirk Plumbing Supply thanks to Jeff Smith so Len donated the cost of his goods to the club

Tom N – had a great fishing trip with PP Gary R and told a great Gary/bear story!

Tom H – something to do with Clifton Mercedes  ???

Bob A – kept beating up on PP Kiley’s trip to Australia as Bob was just made aware that Kiley and his entire family flew First Class and all Kiley paid was $100 last week.

Christian $5 (via Prez Chris) for “best darned President this club ever had!”. 

Jim Sing for 3 years of marriage (to the same woman)

Phil S – went to Queen Nation Concert last week at The Magnolia


PROGRAM NEXT WEEK 9/23:  Dirk Epperson, City of El Cajon Public Works Department


OCT 1st – Our new El Cajon Chief of Police Mike Moulton


Other websites to visit:  LionsDistrict4L6;;


Winner of Attendance Drawing:  Len Blottin $10

Winner of 50/50 Drawing: Bob Groff $65 – donated to the club/foundation


***Don’t forget about the El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation in your Will/Trust***



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