Newsletter 10/01/19


October 1, 2019    Members:  30   Guests: 10

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club


Opening: Pres. Chris 

Song Master:

  PP Dr. Mark                                       Song:  God Bless America


Pledge of Allegiance:  Lion David Reed                      Invocation:  Treas Paul


Quote by PP Bruce Boorman: “We can do anything we want to if we stick to it long enough.”


Guests:  Katherine Reed, Marie Turkle, Mary Moreau, “Dixie” Hackworth, Pat Boorman, Susan Acker, Leona Black


Cassandra, Caidence and Baby Abe Muheize.


Good to See:

Dr Mark Krause

Dr David Keen

David Reed





Sec Paul, on behalf of the newly formed Citizen of the Year Ad Hoc Committee, asks all members to think of a member worthy of being our nominee for El Cajon Citizen of the Year.

Pres Chris thanked PP Bob Moreau for picking up PP Ray and Dixie for the meeting.

Thanks also to PP Felina for handling the 50/50 drawing ticket sales – Good Job!!


 Keith Bailes 10/12, Don Anthony 10/13, David Keen 10/16, Arnold Martin 10/23, David Huntamer 10/29.  Dr David paid $40 to skip the BDay Song but PP Mark K and Pres Chris insisted and sang it anyway.


EXEMPT BADGES: For a mere $35 each Chris Bramwell, Felina Balistreri, Dr Mark Krause



IF you know of any members who are in distress, sick or in the hospital, PLEASE notify PP Yvonne so our good wishes can be sent to them.


CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS:  *Unless otherwise noted all Meetings are Mon at Noon*

Oct 4th – Chamber First Friday Breakfast at Ronald Reagan Comm. Center. RSVP 619/440-6161

                 Pricing is $25 pp  7:00AM

Oct 5th – Club Picnic at Bramwell’s Estate  1PM  Event will be catered.  Everyone is welcomed to bring and share a dessert.

Oct 9th – ECVH LC Board meeting 6PM Elks Lodge Conference Room

Oct 13th – ECVH LC Pancake Breakfast  Elks Lodge 8AM  Tickets available

Oct 16th – El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation Board meeting 6PM Elks Lodge Conference Room

Oct 26th – San Diego Center for the Blind White Cane Brunch Double Tree in MV 11AM $70

Nov 2nd – Street cleanup project in El Cajon 8AM meet at Clifton Mercedes




3rd VP Carl Ruiz:  Picnic Saturday 1PM.  Ma Goose Float plans coming along.  PP Gary Robinson reported 6 members attended last weeks visitation to La Mesa Lions Club


2nd VP Gary Zink:  Keep selling those Pancake Breakfast tickets


1st VP Mike Raney:  Progress


Membership Chair Cathy Bailes: Progress   


PP RAY’S RAMBLINGS:  While the wife is cooking eggs for breakfast the husband constantly tells her what and how to do it and she asked why the harassment to which he responded “I just wanted to let you know what it’s like when I’m driving”.


HAPPY DOLLARS:  Bob “The Hatchet Man” Acker was at work with the basket

.Cathy B $5 Keith’s shoulder operation was successful.  He is doing rehab at Victoria’s on Anza for a couple of weeks then home for approx. 3 months.

.Ron B $10 He and Leona just returned from a road trip to Whistler BC, Canada

.Jim N $25 for each pound of weight he has recently lost – and still going

.Mike R $5 for the many mistakes he made at last visitation while attempting to introduce fellow club members not the least of which was calling PP Gary R by his old friends name Gary Rogers.

.Paul W $5 for snitching on Mike R

.Arnold $10 for a recent trip to Alaska with the beautiful Marie. 

.Marie $1 as the native Alaskans wouldn’t keep Arnold there

.David Reed $10 for the great dinner meal tonight

.Gary S $3 has a new Grandbaby and one on the way



  Rocky Craig

 Rocky admitted to attending school with our own Mike Raney and Gary Zink.  Aside from that hurdle Rocky played baseball with Mike R at Mesa College.  Rocky went on to play college ball at UC Irvine and played professionally with the Royals and the Padres.  He then became a scout for 13 years after retirement.  And then the stories began 1, 2, 3……..7 about Indians and Rocky’s ability to make it rain at will or in the case of his daughter’s wedding,  to ensure it would not rain…from over 8,000 miles away.

Rocky had fun stories and everyone was totally entertained.



OCT 7th – Our new El Cajon Chief of Police Mike Moulton


Other websites to visit:  LionsDistrict4L6;;


Winner of Attendance Drawing Jeff Winters MIA…$30 next week

Winner of 50/50 Drawing: Bob Acker $71


***Don’t forget about the El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation in your Will/Trust***



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