Newsletter 12/10/12

El Cajon Lions Club Bulletin

December 10th 2012


The past year has flown by so quickly that I didn’t realize this was the last meeting of the year until PP Gary Robinson mentioned it. Our current President conducts the meetings like he’s late for a Tax Audit and his replacement Kiley thinks he still in Chicago being followed by a snow plow headed to a Bear game.

Our song master PP Jerry is stuck on “You’re a grand ole Flag” I guess we’ll keep singing it until we get it right. He gave a poor excuse for the patch over his eye. Something about he just discovered that Judy is left handed. PP Bruno Led the Pledge followed by PP Smith with a around the world prayer. PP Simons recited the Helen Keller quote of the week.

We had no guests today but lots coming events to announce. We still have entertain ment books for sale. A bargain at $40, see Treasurer Tremblay!


First of all, the next board meeting is Thursday the 13th at PP Hoban’s outside office. Van Willsey is serving Mexican food. Any member is welcome to attend.

On the 14th and 15th we ring the bell for the Salvation Army at the Wal-Mart on Los Coches Rd. Wear your gloves and bring a jacket, it’s always cold up on the hill. If you forget what time you signed up for contact PP Hollingsworth.

Our Christmas Dinner/party is on the 17th starting with an open bar at 6 pm. We will begin eating at 7pm with Santa arriving at 8pm. The food and music will be the same as last year.

The last event for the year is our annual Christmas food basket delivery. We were scheduled to deliver 46 baskets but will provide 15 more to needy families that the Salvation Army has asked us to supply. They will pick the baskets up. Chairman Rocco says all the food is ready to be picked up or purchased. We have a large contingency of Leos coming to help us. Delivery’s should start at 8 am or later. PP Krause will be PP Trent’s replacement in the refreshment department.

Don’t forget we will be Dark on Dec. 24th and the 31st.


3rd VP Ray reported on Christmas Dinner and Baskets. (See above)

2nd VP Mercy told us that the Lens Crafter Open House is on the 11th.

1st VP Kiley got his tickets to Germany for the Int. Convention and did not want to talk about the Bears. They must have lost.


The following fines and donations all went to Christmas basket fund.

PP Paris $20

PP Wally $20

Tremblay $50

PDG Blottin $100

PP Sims $20

PP Hackworth $150

Rocco $100

Paul Walters $5

PP Hurst $50 twice

Acker $50

VP Kiley $20

Sherri $25

Black $20

Hoban $550 for a wooden wine box and ½ of the 15 Salvation Army baskets

Irey $25

PP Boorman $25

PP Smith $20

PP Clifton $50

Galkowski $20

Martin $25

Total collected today was about $1475. We also put $600 to $800 into the fund last week and $500 in November. The cost per basket is Appx. $105 to $115 according to PP Tom. If I missed some one who donated but I did not list it, I apologize, it was going very fast and I couldn’t hear what was going on, on the other side of the room. Every year it amazes me on how this club steps up and donates that kind of money in just 2 weeks. You should all be very proud of yourselves and the best large club in District 4L6.

There were 9 Lions at Reola Bush’s service on the 7the. Those in attendance were M/M Cowan, M/M Black, M/M Stebleton, M/M Galkowski, M/M Rogers, and Elmer Vierkant, Aaron George, Jerry Hollingsworth, Mike Wasyliw plus Doris Huls, Linda Winters and Agnes Harley. It was a short service with family and friends recalling stories from years gone by.

The guest speaker was Jim Daniels, a former Chamber President and El Cajon Expert on Apartments. There are three basic principals to think about. #1, %52 of the families in El Cajon live in apartments. #2 We have the lowest rent in the county and #3 we have the oldest apartments in the county hence the cheapest rent. Also something to consider in the future. In the next 3 years we will have 30,000 new immigrants from Iraq!

The winning name drawn from the bag was President Sturgeon. He donated it to the Jolly Dollar fund.

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