Newsletter 11/19/18


November 19, 2018    Members: 36    Guests: 3

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club

Business Meeting



Opening:  Prez Jeff

Song Master:  PP Jerry                                               Song:  God Bless America      

Pledge of Allegiance:  PP Carl Ruiz                            Invocation: Capt. Boni


Helen Keller quote by PP Tom Normandie: “It’s a terrible thing to see and have no vision.”


Guests: Dave Reed 4th visit and Application submitted guest of Gary Sims,

Kathryn Garrity daughter of Bob Acker

Sharon Langer guest of Tom Normandie


Good to See: everyone in fine spirit



.Sec Paul announced that the District Xmas party will honor Wounded Warriors and anyone desiring to sponsor a WW to attend the party the cost is $25 (ticket price).  Lions Daryl and Chris joined together to donate $1,000 to sponsor 40 WW’s – VERY GENEROUS!!!  Anyone wishing to donate new toys for the children of WW’s please give to Sec Paul for distribution.

.Treas Paul presented financial information from our club Board Meeting last week.


.PDG Len with 3 items:

1. Presented membership tenure chevrons to Tom Normandie 35 years who then gave a terrific pep talk, Kiley Grunstad 10 years, Gary Sims 25 years, Jeff Winters 15 years, Arnold Martin 40 years.  Thank you all for your continued support of Lionism.

 2.  One Sight was put together by a group of optometrists to assist children with testing and eyeglasses.  National City Host Lions Club is currently in partnership with the group and hopefully our club can do the same.  Gary Zink and Gary Sims will obtain more info.

 3.  PDG Len is selling poinsettia plants for Singing Hills Lions for $10 to help out the club with their fund raiser.


.Capt Boni has a signup sheet for Salvation Army Bell Ringing on Sat Dec 1st at the Los Coches Wal-Mart.  An hour of your time is all they need.  Lets beat Rotary again!

.Cathy Bailes reminded everyone that signed up to help this Saturday for Holiday Lights on Main St. Be on time and wear your shirt/vest/pin/cap to make yourself visible.


Bonita Kelsey 11/11, Walt Simmons 11/12, Bob Acker 11/14, Felina Balistreri 11/24, Chris Bramwell 11/27. 


EXEMPT BADGE:  Chris Bramwell


GOOD CHEER:  No new information on anyone so stay well Lions!

Remember, if you know of any members who are in distress, sick or in the hospital, PLEASE notify PP Yvonne so our good wishes can be sent to them.



Nov 24th – Holiday Lights on Main Street 2-8PM El Cajon Promenade. ECVH LC booth

Dec 8th – District Xmas Party 6PM Mira Mesa Sr. Center $25 – 6-10PM see Sec Paul

DEC 12th – Board Meeting Elks 6PM

DEC 14TH – Assemble Xmas baskets at Hoban’s business 4PM

DEC 15TH –  Deliver Xmas baskets 7:30 AM from Hoban’s

DEC 17th – DARK

DEC  18th – Christmas Party 6PM at Elks Lodge

DEC 24th and DEC 31st – DARK – Merry Christmas

JAN 1,
2019 – No Meeting – HAPPY NEW YEAR

JAN 8th – Tuesday Night Meeting 6PM



3rd Veep Gary Zink:

Great parade and thanks to those Lions who helped decorate .  An estimated 40,000+ people enjoyed the Ma Goose Parade this year.  Capt Rob said over 110 people including 35 PD officers and personnel assisted with parade route closures and traffic control.  Sycuan fed these volunteers.

Apparently LEO Christian had a heavy duty staple gun and attempted to attached Veep Gary’s finger to the float.  It was an accident and David Huntamer disengaged the staple with pliers.


2nd VP Mike Raney:  

Need suggestions for guest speakers. Thanks to those who have suggested possible program speakers.  See below for our next Monday meetings program.


1st VP Chris Bramwell: No report today but wants to reserve 15 minutes next week.  Prez Jeff says maybe 10 but I expect 5 minutes will be the max since we do have a program.          


Membership Chair Cathy Bailes:
 No Report


PP RAY’S RAMBLINGS:  PP Ray tried to tell the “3-legged chicken joke” for the 3rd time but everyone remembered it from before.  Didn’t matter to PP Ray – he told it again anyway.


HAPPY DOLLARS:  Bob “the Hatchet Man” Acker had the basket today

Walt $5 – special thanks to Veep Chris for all his help during Walt’s recuperation

Rob $5 – Thanks to Mike Raney for tickets to the SDSU basketball game.  Problem is Rob doesn’t remember much about it – too much beer?

Dave Reed $25 – towed PP Tom Normandie’s car last weekend???

Ron B $5 – fined for talking during the meeting (to potential member Sharon)

Bob G $5 -toward Gary Zinks dues to the Carpenters Union where he can learn how to use a staple gun

Mike R $5 – for LEO Christian accidentally stapling Gary Z finger

Chris $5 – Thanks to Veep Gary Z for handling the float and all it’s issues

Cathy $5 – Happy to see Wally and for a great Ma Goose Parade

Ray $20 – for being harassed

Bob A $10 – a wonderful week in Hawaii with Susan and friends

Paul T $5 -Happy to see Arnold back from vaca

Arnold $20 – vaca to Portugal, bad weather but good to see cathedrals and palaces, etc.

Paul W $5 – Paul T gave a great report on City of Hope at the District Membership meeting.  Note: Paul T is the District Chair for City of Hope


PROGRAM FOR MONDAY NOV 26TH Abraham Muheize, athlete alumni from El Cajon Valley High School and co-owner of the San Diego Kings basketball team


Other websites to visit:  LionsDistrict4L6;;


Winner of Attendance Drawing:  Boni Kelsey $10


Winner of 50/50 Drawing : Ray Hackworth $79


***Don’t forget about the El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation in your Will/Trust***



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