Newsletter 11/12/18


November 12, 2018
Members: 25 Guests: -0-

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club


Opening: Prez Jeff

Song Master: PP Jerry                Song: My Country Tis of Thee

Pledge of Allegiance: PP Walt Simmons        Invocation: PP Mark Clifton


Helen Keller quote by PP Bruce: “Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.”


Guests: None, Nada, zero, zilch

Good to See: PP Wally, and Mike Carleton (for the entire meeting)



.Prez Jeff called PP Tom H to the podium and presented him with the coveted Silver Centennial Membership pin (for sponsoring Lion Frank Reid who has now been a member for a year-and-a-day).



PP Walt Simmons attended his first meeting since his surgery, glad to have him back



Bonita Kelsey 11/11, Walt Simmons 11/12, Bob Acker 11/14, Felina Balistreri 11/24, Chris Bramwell 11/27.


EXEMPT BADGES: Chris Bramwell


GOOD CHEER: Seems 1st Veep Chris has a cold (and Thank You for not sharing it with us!).

Remember, if you know of any members who are in distress, sick or in the hospital, PLEASE notify PP Yvonne so our good wishes can be sent to them.



NOV 14th – Board Meeting Elks 6PM

Nov 14th – World Diabetes Day. Diabetes is an LCI Global Cause

NOV 17th – Decorate our Ma Goose float at Huntame’rs store 9AM

Nov 17th – 2nd District Membership Meeting 9AM El Toyon Elementary School 2000 E Division St National City. Club Officers requested to attend.

Nov 18th – Ma Goose Parade at 1PM

Nov 24th – Holiday Lights on Main Street 2-8PM El Cajon Promenade. ECVH LC booth

DEC 12th – Board Meeting Elks 6PM

DEC 14TH – Assemble Xmas baskets at Hoban’s business 4PM

DEC 15TH – Deliver Xmas baskets 7:30 AM from Hoban’s

DEC 17th – DARK

18th – Christmas Party 6PM at Elks Lodge

DEC 24th and DEC 31st – DARK – Merry Christmas

JAN 1,
2019 – No Meeting – HAPPY NEW YEAR

JAN 8th – Tuesday Night Meeting 6PM



3rd Veep Gary Zink:

Float decorating on the 17th – everyone please come to help work on OUR float. 9AM at David Huntamer’s Window Solutions back lot. Every hand is needed so please show up ready to work!


2nd VP Mike Raney:

Looking for a new Programs Chair. See Mike if interested. Need guest speakers.


1st VP Chris Bramwell: MIA    


Membership Chair Cathy Bailes:





Wally $20 – glad to be back and for his Birthday. Special thanks to Sec Paul and DG Mercy, 1st Veep Chris and Cathy for all their help throughout his 3 month recovery. Thanks also to the club for his Get Well card and potted plant.

Paul W $5 Attended the San Diego Veteran’s Day Parade and San Diego Dynasty LC Charter Night at which he gave a speech.

Tom H $20 Thanks for Treas Paul for his assistance in getting Tom’s QuickBooks up and running AND wife Renee has arrived on the Gallapagos Island, to be home Sunday.

Mike R $2 for Dick Nasif’s compassion at Wednesday’s golf game

Mark C $2 trip to see his Mom last weekend

Paul T $5 golfed with a few other members at Cottonwood last Wed and had a great time.

Kiley put in a pink slip for about $50 for a recent fishing trip with David H and Jeff W. Oh the stories he told about huge, record breaking catches but the good thing is he invited EVERYONE to join him the last week of December for ice fishing – in Wisconsin. Also Kiley spoke at the El Cajon Veteran’s Day Celebration yesterday.


Other websites to visit: LionsDistrict4L6;;


Winner of Attendance Drawing: Kiley Grunstad $10 (donated back to the club)


Winner of 50/50 Drawing : Phil Smith $50


***Don’t forget about the El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation in your Will/Trust***


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