Newsletter 10/21/19


October 21, 2019    Members:  28 Guests: 4

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club


Opening: Prez Chris back at the helm


Song Master:  PP Gary Sims                                       Song:  God Bless America

Pledge of Allegiance:  TT Bob Acker                          Invocation:  Treas Paul T


Quote by PP Bruce Boorman: “Faith is the strength by which a sheltered world shall emerge into the light.”


Guests:  Mary Moreau, Kathy Smith and our speakers Ryan and Kathleen Scudder.

Good to See: Everyone



Retraction:  The Board did NOT approve the concept of an abbreviated Agenda for weekly meetings as reported last week.

Sec Paul reminded us of the new Salvation Army’s Grand Opening of the East County Red Shield Community Center on Nov 2nd at 10AM.  RSVP to Kristian Starkey at 619-446-0240


PDG Len inducted Newbie Alyssa Dixon as our newest member.  Congrats Alyssa and Welcome!

EDITORS NOTE:  Many thanks to Secretary Paul Walters for memorializing our meetings with great photos.


Keith Bailes 10/12, Don Anthony 10/13, David Keen 10/16, Arnold Martin 10/23, David Huntamer 10/29. 


EXEMPT BADGES: Chris Bramwell, Felina Balistreri, Dr Mark Krause



PP Marge Nelson has completed one series of treatments and has just a few remaining of the other treatment.  Wishing her the best during her battle with cancer.

IF you know of any members who are in distress, sick or in the hospital, PLEASE notify PP Yvonne so our good wishes can be sent to them.


CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS:  *Unless otherwise noted all Meetings are Mon at Noon*

Oct 26th – San Diego Center for the Blind White Cane Brunch Double Tree in MV 11AM $70

Nov 2nd – Street cleanup project in El Cajon 8AM on Madison between 1st and 2nd



Nov 13thECVH LC Board meeting 6PM Elks Lodge Conference Room

Nov 16th – 2nd District 4L6 Membership Meeting – Metro Region – venue and time TBA

Nov 14th – Mother Goose Parade 1PM



3rd VP Carl Ruiz: 

PP Gary Robinson reported that 10 members and their families from Lemon Grove Lions attended our pancake breakfast and hopes our members will support their upcoming fundraiser on Nov 2nd at 6PM at St John of the Cross Parish Hall in Lemon Grove.  Tickets are $20 in advance and $25 at the door.  This is a Chili Cook-off with Western Grub and many activities.

Treas Paul gave a brief report on our pancake breakfast – the preliminary net income is $4140 and we had more donations than last year but more expenses also selling 736 tickets.


2nd VP Gary Zink:  

a lot of progress


1st VP Mike Raney: 



Membership Chair Cathy Bailes: Congratulations to Jason Taub and Alyssa Dizon on being approved for membership by our Board.



Seems a female crew was flying some military to their destination and when one of the men found out it was an all-female crew he remarked that it’s no longer called ‘the cockpit’ but rather ‘the box office’.


HAPPY DOLLARS:  PP/TT Bob Moreau had charge of the ‘money bucket’ today

Chris $20 – for not reading the bulletin and several other unseemly things

Jeff S $20 – saw all of his grandchildren over the weekend

Van $1 – great trip to see his daughter graduated from Boot Camp

Boni $5 – excited that her son graduated from Boot Camp

Dolores $5 – just last night, welcomed her newest granddaughter into the world

Cathy B $10 – Keith came home and is doing good.  Will begin rehab very soon.

Dick $1 – Happy the way 1st Veep Mike ran the meeting last week

Prez Chris auctioned off a package of cookies and the winner was Cathy B for $12



  Ryan and Kathleen Scudder, United States Border Patrol Agents


They work 67 miles of border with 6 line stations from the Pacific Ocean to Boulevard plus San Clemente and Encinitas.  They also patrol 5 checkpoints along the Olde 80, I-8 and the 94.

The I-5 and I-15 are major drug corridors and since marijuana became legal in CA the drug of choice has become methamphetamines.

The San Diego unit apprehended over 26,000 illegals from foreign countries this year so far.

All are attempting to get to L.A. by any means necessary – the destination of choice for refugees.  It is a bigger city and easier to get lost/undetected in.

Asylum laws have a very low threshold and all the refugees give the same story as a reason to cross our borders.  Once here then they will see an Asylum Judge which has a 3-year wait for a hearing.  Only 8% of the refugees actually seek asylum and only a small % of those actually get asylum.

The Third-Safe-Country Rule now applies so the refugees ow have to wait in Mexico or Canada until their hearings.   The United States is still the #1 country for allowing immigration.

The Border Patrol has the final decision on where the wall would be constructed.  The 30′ wall really inhibits the number who can cross it due to its height.

The BP apprehends at least one deported alien per day coming back across the border who are felons of crimes such as rape and drug convictions.



Nov 5TH – El Cajon Chief of Police Mike Moulton

Dec 9th – Coach Steve Fisher retired SDSU basketball coach

Jan 7th – Cindy Silver – Signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer


Other websites to visit:  LionsDistrict4L6;;


Winner of Attendance Drawing:   Sharie Hoops MIA so next week $30

Winner of 50/50 Drawing:   Carl Ruiz $51


***Don’t forget about the El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation in your Will/Trust***



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