Newsletter 10/10/22


October 10, 2022,   Members: 37 Guests: 5

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club

Opening:  Pres. Rob Ransweiler        

Song Masters:  Marie Turkle                                      Patriotic Song: God Bless America

Pledge of Allegiance: Katie Zolezzi                            Invocation: PP Mark Clifton 


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Rocio (Ray H),PDG BrianTiffany BramwellDane CliftonMadelyn Barba (Zach) 

Good to see:

  Warren McKenna, Tony Forchette

HELEN KELLER Quote by: A person wearing a hat

Description automatically generated Warren McKenna

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be done without hope.”


.Members attending the First Friday Breakfast felt they were effective with outreach.

.PDG Brian invited members to attend the National City Chamber’s 65th Annual Salute to the Navy Luncheon to be held Oct 20th 11 to 1:30 PM at Coronado Beach Harley Davidson 3201 Hoover Ave, N.C.

.Pres. Rob said future possible programs are Michael Branch from ECTLC and Daisy Milena from Parkway Plaza


Arnold Martin 10/3, Keith Bailes 10/12, Don Anthony 10/13, David Keen 10/16, Zachary Nation 10/24, David Huntamer 10/29. 

GOOD CHEER: Apparently all are well and for that we are all thankful!

IF you know of any members who are in distress, sick or in the hospital, PLEASE notify PP Yvonne so our good wishes can be conveyed to him/her.  619/838-4262


OCT 13th – ECVH LC Board Meeting 6PM Elks Lodge Conference Room

Oct 15th – National Grouch Day

Oct 16th – National Train Your Brain Day

OCT 16th – ECVH LC Annual Pancake Breakfast Elks Lodge Times TBA

Oct 17th – National Pay Back a Friend Day

OCT 20th – El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation 6PM Elks Lodge Conference Room

Oct 29th – 2nd Cabinet & Membership Meeting 10am-2pm Vern Goodwin Mira Mesa Senior Center 8460 Mira Mesa Blvd.

Nov 12th – ECVH LC Annual Picnic at the Moreau Ranch 11 AM – Family event


1st Veep Carl Ruiz

New club directories are available to pick up at our meetings.

2nd Veep Keith MacArthur:   Progress

3rd Veep: Ron Nevels:  MIA

Membership Chair Cathy Bailes:   Progress

OCTOBER EXEMPT BADGES: Yvonne Paris.  Chris Bramwell exempt through Jan 31, 2023.

HAPPY DOLLARS:  TT Bob “Hatchet Man” Acker

.Mercy $10 good to be at the meeting today

.Paul W $5 First Friday Breakfast went well & thanks to members who attended

.Ray H $25 because this was all TT Bob could get out of Ray’s hands

.Paul T $5 Kudos to Kiley for helping out Paul’s HOA with their maturing CD

.Cathy B $10/$10 for the Padres advancing on in the playoffs and one of their scooters fell off the rack of their car over the weekend which they discovered when they got home!

.Keith M $? For the magnificent Padres

.Zach $300 although the fishing group caught 12 Marlin Zach got 3 of those and since his sponsor, Tom Hoban, is responsible for Zach’s first fine….you get the picture!

.Tony $1 for the ‘great’ food at Grossmont Hospital (that would be tongue-in-cheek)

.Mark C $? For a ‘hypothetical’ fine (for NOT going fishing)

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Description automatically generatedWarren $20 HIS Padres are winning, and he will be attending Saturday’s game at Petco Park

.Nasif $1 Chris kept his word (& didn’t talk and whine during the meeting…..mostly)

.Chris $20 gone for 2 weeks, back today, and will be gone for a month this time – to his condo in Pt. Loma


Oct 31st – Chaplain Everett Gundgren from Volunteers of America

WINNER OF ATTENDANCE DRAWING:  Christian Wille MIA – so next week $20

WINNER OF OPPORTUNITY DRAWING: Rob Ransweiler $70 & donated $20 to our foundation

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “It’s all for nothing if you don’t have freedom.” – William Wallace

Lions Clubs International President Brian Sheehan’s Motto is “Together We Can”


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