Newsletter 06/14/21


June 14, 2021    Members: ?   Guests: 5+

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club

Opening: Prez Mike                                       

Song Master: Chris                                                     Song: God Bless America

Pledge of Allegiance:  Ed Waymire                            Invocation:  Mark Clifton


Mitch D’Arlon and Jose Cruz – SD Downtown Lions;  Kim Gibbins – North Park Lions;  Kim Danker and Carrie Lindon with Fraya

GOOD TO SEE: Newbie Keith MacArthur and, Warren McKenna,  Van Willsey       

HELEN KELLER QUOTE by: Bruce Boorman

“Every one of us is blind and deaf until our eyes are opened to our fellowmen, until our ears hear the voice of humanity.”


.We will be DARK on Monday July 5th.

.Gary S thanked those who participated in our Flag Day program last Friday – Walt Simmons, Paul Walters, Gary “Nice Gary” Robinson and Gary “Crazy Gary” Sims.

Sec Paul reported that Lions Learning Day produced 90 attendees including a few from ECVH LC


Yvonne Paris 6/3, Gary Sims 6/4, Cathy Bailes 6/10, Tony Forchette 6/13, Cathy Zieman 6/16, Jason Taub 6/24, Grant Thiem and Jay Jacobson 6/26. 


Hope those missing from the meetings are not ill but if so our best wishes for you to get well real soon.

IF you know of any members who are in distress, sick or in the hospital, PLEASE notify PP Yvonne so our good wishes can be conveyed to him/her.  619/838-4262


July 8th – ECVH LC Board Meeting 6PM  Elks Lodge Conference Room

July 15th – ECVL Foundation Board Meeting 6PM  Elks Lodge Conference Room

July 25 – Lions Camp Jack at Whispering Winds in Julian (1st and only week this year). Fishing Tues, Wed and Thursday.  BBQ by El Cajon Valley Host Sun 7/25????

July 30th – El Cajon Valley Host Lions “Day at the Race” 4PM Sign-up sheets available   See PP Gary Sims

Oct 9th – ECVH LC Picnic at PP Chris’ country estate 1PM


1st Veep Rob Ransweiler:  Continues to work on his Chairs and to plan Installation

2nd Carl Ruiz: MIA

3rd Veep Fabian Vereda:

Gary S passed out info and sign-up sheets for El Cajon Valley LC “Day at the Races” on July 30th.  Parking passes are required and must be purchased in advance of the event.  Go to . Cost of a pass is $10 for General and $25 for Valet.  Admission gate opens at 2:30PM and 1st race is 4PM.  Food and beverages will be available.

Membership Chair Cathy Bailes: No Report

PP RAY’S RAMBLINGS:  Hospital regulations and a man leaving his wife at the hospital. Cute!

HAPPY DOLLARS AND OTHER NONSENSE: TT Bob “Hatchet Man” Acker at the helm.

.Gary S $5 forgot to mention the ECVLions Foundation Board Meeting (see calendar)

.Jim N $5 his deck is improving

.Rob $  at Lions Learning Day he met with a La Mesa Lion and hopes to do a joint project       AND his 17 y.o. son is graduating 8th grade and will be his Class Valedictorian – CONGRATS

.Yvonne $5 Happy to have our esteemed guests join us today

.Chris $50 bought a new Audi sports car AND had a meeting with the IRS and told them Nasif purchased a $28,000 Rolex and wondered if they had investigated the income required to do so

.Ed W $10 Happy to be here and told a good story about his 7yr. old   granddaughter.

.Mike Raney $5 he forgot to call on PP Ray for his ‘ramblings’ and proceeded to do so.    

AND we gave away money:

From our foundation:

.Lions Project Canine Companions for Independence $5,000 check accepted by Kim, Carrie and Fraya (puppy in training).

.San Diego Center for the Blind $4800 check accepted by Executive Director Kim Gibbens

From our club:

.San Diego Council on Literacy $2300 check accepted by CEO Jose Cruz

.Lions Camp Jack $6317 check accepted by board member Mitch D’Arlon


June 21st Susan White, President, Sight and Hearing Foundation Board

Winner of Attendance Drawing: Mercy Walters  MIA so next week $30

Winner of 50/50 Drawing: Paul Walters $60

**Remember the El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation in your Will/Trust**


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