Newsletter 02/24/20



February 24, 2020    Members: 28   Guests: 2

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club


Opening: 1st Veep Mike                                             

Song Master: PP Gary Sims                            Song: God Bless America

Pledge of Allegiance:  Lt. Jason Taub             Invocation:  PP Mark Clifton



Craig Melton (Tony) 2nd visit

Ally Welborn (guest speaker)



GOOD TO SEE: Everyone


HELEN KELLER QUOTE by PP Bruce Boorman: “Self-pity is our worst enemy and if we yield to it, we can never do anything wise in this world.”



Sec Paul reminded us of 3rd Membership Meeting In El Centro next month.  He has flyers.

1st Veep Mike explained the absence of Pres. Chris.  He’s sick and didn’t want to contaminate us.


Also “THE” award for Business of the Year in El Cajon was sitting on the podium and 1st Veep handed it over to PP Mark Clifton who received the award from the Chamber recently. Congrats!


1st Veep Mike called Hoban and Nasif to the podium to present them with awards from Lions Clubs International.  PP Hoban received the Gold Centennial Award for having sponsored a member who just reached the 2-year-member status.  Lion Nasif received the Diamond Centennial Award for having at least one sponsored member, if not more, reach the at least a 2-year-member status.  Congrats Lions on sponsoring more quality Lions in our club.




Bob Moreau 2/1, Gary Robinson 2/8, Jim Nelson 2/10. Henry Coleman 2/11, Kiley Grunstad 2/13, Jeff Winters 2/19, Ray Ridlon 2/21, George Hurst 2/23, Ron Black 2/24, Mike Raney 2/28.


GOOD CHEER:  Celebration of Life for PP Marge Nelson will be held at the Elks Lodge on Friday March 20th 11AM.  RSVP to PP Yvonne by March 16th (for catering purposes) call or email.



IF you know of any members who are in distress, sick or in the hospital, PLEASE notify PP Yvonne so our good wishes can be conveyed to him/her.  619/838-4262


CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS:  *Unless otherwise noted all Meetings are Mon at Noon*

FEB 29 – Heartland Zone Student Speakers Contest 2PM at Lemon Grove Library

MAR 2nd – DARK

MAR 3rd – First Tuesday – Meeting 6PM

MAR 11th – ECVH LC Board Meeting at Elks Lodge 6PM – Conference Room

Mar 13-14th – 3rd Membership Meeting El Centro-Wyndham Travelodge

MAR 16th – Joint Meeting with ECV HS LEO Club 11:30AM in the Presentation Room.  Pizza

MAR 29TH – 63rd Annual Lions Tribute Day at City of Hope – luncheon and tour (See Treas Paul)  Streaming Webinair at  Sun 3/29/2020   9AM to 2PM

MAY 16th – ECVH LC Casino Night

June 20thTentative date for club Installation

JULY 31st – ECVH LC Day at the Races 4PM



1st  Veep Mike Raney:   Casino Night/Gunsmoke X will be held May 16th (see calendar)


2nd Veep Gary Zink: Progress


3rd Veep Carl Ruiz: Progress


Membership Chair Cathy Bailes: Craig Melton is here for 2nd visit and asked for and given an Application for Membership (guess he wasn’t that impressed with the Rotary). Good job Sponsor PP Tony.


PP RAY’S RAMBLINGS: The joke about the old lady with 2 garbage bags.  $20 bills falling out of one, the other filled in _ _ _ _ _’_.  She lived on a golf course fairway and when golfers wanted to relieve themselves they used a knothole in her fence.  She charged them $20, or else, for her to release their ‘part’ from her grip.  Some complied…some didn’t.


HAPPY DOLLARS AND OTHER NONSENSE: TT Bob Acker had the basket today


.PDG Len auctioned off a Plymouth Holiday Bowl jacket belonging to PP Dick Rogers.  Elisabeth brought it in and said winning bid amount would be donated to City of Hope.  Our guest Ally loved the jacket and ponied up $30.


.Ray H $10 for his joke (particularly since it was the 2nd ‘telling’.

.Cathy B $10 they got a new Ford Escape hybrid which will fit both of their scooters.

.Tony $10 – $5 for PP Tom H napping during meeting and $5 for Craig’s 2nd visit

.Yvonne $5 today is Bob’s last meeting before moving to Orange County to an assisted living facility near his sons

.Gary S $3 for Day at the Races set for July 31st, and $5 for Bob and $15 as a down payment on his Sept 7th 40th Wedding Anniversary trip to HA

.Mark C $10 for his Best Business of the Year, Clifton Mercedes, Award

.Van $20 Happy his daughter graduated in top 5 of her class and she’ll be coming back to San Diego as a pediatrician corpsman.  Congrats


Bob $5 he has enjoyed being a member of this great club and hopes to continue in a Lions club in Huntington Beach

**For those wishing to stay in touch with Bob his new address effective March 1, 2020 is Bob Groff Westminster Terrace, 7571 Westminster Blvd, Apt 207, Westminster, CA 92683**


.Paul W $? Bob’s last meeting – will miss him

.Phil S $10 retirement is great!

.Mike R $5 for Bob and, his son called him from Sydney at 1AM to save Mike some money from calling him long distance

..Len $50 to the Foundation – Bob has been a great member and he enjoyed having had Bob also serve on the San Diego Center for the Blind Board.




Ally Welborn – The San Diego River Park Foundation

Forester Creek is a major tributary to the San Diego River.  Although it is 11 miles long from a rural area near the community of Crest, runs through the City of El Cajon, and merges into the San Diego River in Santee, the river actually begins in Santa Ysabel and runs 52 miles to the Pacific Ocean.

About 20% of the population of the San Diego River Watershed live in El Cajon and as it currently exists the Forest Creek System is virtually invisible in El Cajon.

Due to poor environmental quality of the System and the need to provide more open space and to serve disadvantaged communities, the Forester Creek System Recreation Access Plan was formed.  This addresses the poor water quality and lack of parks and open spaces along the River. 

The project goal includes non-motorized, non-contact, water based recreation activities and potential recreation opportunity locations for the purpose of increasing community recreation and connecting people to the Forester Creek System.

For more information or to attend an implementation meeting call 619/297-7380,



Mar 3rd – Dick Fisher – Living on Alcatraz


Winner of Attendance Drawing: no bag of names available so next week $40

Winner of 50/50 Drawing: Len Blottin $65

**Don’t forget about the El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation in your Will/Trust***



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