ECVL Sends large contingency to 4L6 Convention

Eleven El Cajon Lions attended the annual 4L6 District Convention in Yuma Az. on May 3rd to May 5th. Those making trip east were PDG Blottin, President Sturgeon, IPP Anthony, PP Paris, PP Rogers, PP Robinson, VP Walters and Paul, VP Grunstad, Lion Hoops, Lion Nasif. We did have the largest contingency there from a single club.

This journey from El Cajon to Yuma is normally just a 3 hour drive but for Nasif and IP Anthony it took a little longer. As we passed them on the side of I-8 there was a black and white car parked behind them with it’s lights flashing. We were given many versions of why they were pulled over’ none of which I believe but here are just a couple: He pulled us over because he was lost and wanted directions, he stopped us to tell us we were going to fast but when he saw we were Lions he told to have a nice day, I showed him my badge and he let us go, and finally they had no front license plate and he told us to put one on (This might be true). Dick drives with the windows up and A/C off even when it’s hot outside so he might have been experiencing a little heat stroke.

When we arrived at the Beautiful Hilton Garden Inn Hotel our rooms were ready for us and we checked in, then immediately and went to the Desert Hills Golf Course. There was 6 of us so we played as two 3someonces. After teeing off a little late we still managed to play in 4 and half hours. The weather was hot and it was windy but we all managed to shoot in the 100’s also Ron did get a little dehydrated even though he was drinking Gatorade. The rest of us stuck to beer and had no problems at least PP Gary and I had no problems. We just couldn’t keep our heads down. When we returned we all got certified to vote and picked up our name badges.

We did find some Hospitality suits (3) open and spent some time as each one on Friday and Saturday night. One was very good, one just average and one not worth talking about. Happy hour at the hotel bar was nice with good chicken wings.

The next morning 5 of us (see picture) went to the Yuma Territorial Prison and enjoyed the seeing how the prisoners were treated back in those days. Then we went to the near by Paradise Casino to make a bet on the Kentucky Derby only to find out they don’t have a sports book. We just knew that the “Q” Casino, as big as it is, would have a Sports book so we drove out there. Bad decision, they didn’t have one either, but this time Kiley got smart and called Cocopah Casino on Hiway 95 before we drove down there and they didn’t have one either. As it turned out we all saved money because none of the horses we were going to bet on came in the money.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in our first floor balcony with Len, Ron, Sharie, Don, Dick, Dick, Gary and Kiley eating snacks and drinking cold beverages. We also called for an election meeting to make sure we all voted for the candidates that our Board of Directors instructed us to. We were unable to locate the Walter’s and Bill’s wife said he was sleeping so we preceded with out them. There was only one contested office so it didn’t take long which gave us time to discuss other Lions business past, present and future.

Saturday night is always a formal affair for dinner and business plus entertainment. Seven of us choose not to attend but instead went to Jack and Rosie’s Steak House in the old residential part of Yuma. The food was just great, very large tender steaks and a fair price for drinks. It so far off the beaten path that only Locals know about it and go there.

After we ate we all went back to hotel where we sat in the Hotel Patio and enjoyed the weather, cold drinks, good wine and some smooth whiskey. I went to bed early compared to those who closed up one of the Hospitality Suites. They had a Cinco de Mayo celebration in Old Town Yuma about 3 blocks away so we could hear the music from the outside stage.

Sunday morning the Voting Poles open at 7 am for 2 hours then they have another brief program in which they have a remembrance for those Lions who passed away last year. We all stayed so we could honor PP Trent Huls when they called out his name and rang the bell we all stepped forward while VP Kiley choose a flower for him.

The convention will be held at the same location next year so start making plans to attend now!!!

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