Newsletter 09/11/18


September 11, 2018    Members: 35  Guests: 12

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club



Opening:  Prez Jeff


Song Master:  1st Veep Chris                                      Song: God Bless America (in honor of 9-11)


Pledge of Allegiance: PP Don                                     Invocation: 2nd Veep Mike


Helen Keller quote by Lion Carter: “Life is short and unpredictable. Eat the dessert first.”

Guests:  Paul Brooks, Alex Hangsterfer, John Matthews (program), Pat Stebleton, Leona Black, Kathy Reid, Cathy Bramwell, Renee Hoban, Marie Turkle, Susan Acker, Pat Boorman, Lynn Spicer (Winchester Widows).

Good to See: Phil Smith, David Keen, Tony Forchette and Don Anthony



When you come in for meetings, don’t forget to purchase your 50/50 drawing tickets.

New club directories are available at the check-in table.

October 5th is the Chambers First Friday Breakfast at Steele Canyon.  RSVP to Chamber

DG Len encouraged member participation at the Alpine Lions Club Dog Show at Summers Past Farms in El Cajon on Oct 27th 1-4PM.  There will be food and misc vendors.  Bring your dog too!


Prez Jeff presented Winchester Widows Renee Hoban and Lynn Spicer with a check for $3,901 for all the great help from their group on our Casino Night.


Dr.Terry Winegar 9/11, Kirby Morrison 9/15, Jim Sing 9/16, Jon Martin 9/19, Dr. Mark Krause 9/11, Mercy Walters 9/25, Sean Kelsey 9/28.  Only “Birthday Boy Jim Sing” was present to endure the Happy Birthday Song from the group. 


EXEMPT BADGES:  After much bidding by Chris, Gary S, Tom H, Roger and Mark C it narrowed down to Tom H and Chris and Tom put in the final bid of $150 for two badges – one for him and one for Chris.  Tom is ‘trading’ his old boat for a 63′ yacht.


GOOD CHEER:  PP Walt had his right hip replaced on 9/11 at Zion and we wish him a speedy recovery. Rehab location will be available by next newsletter.

PP Ray H is in the hospital but we don’t know why.  Again, more info next newsletter. GET WELL

Remember, if you know of any members who are in distress, sick or in the hospital, PLEASE notify PP Yvonne so our good wishes can be sent to them.



Sept 12th – ECVH Board Meeting 6PM – come early for dinner 5PM  $14

Sept 15thECVH family picnic at 1st Veep Chris’ home.  The Wrangler will cater. 3-8PM

Oct 3rd – District 4L6 Lion Veteran of the Year at Anchor & Spurs Event Center, SD

Oct 13th – San Diego Center for the Blind – White Cane Luncheon Fund Raiser

Oct 14thEl Cajon Valley Host LC Pancake Breakfast 8AM

Oct 25th – La Mesa LC – That’s Amore’ Spaghetti Dinner

Nov 14th – World Diabetes Day.  Diabetes is an LCI Global Cause



3rd Veep Gary Zink   Progress

2nd VP Mike Raney:  Progress

1st VP Chris Bramwell: Progress

Membership Chair Cathy Bailes:




Chris $100 – 33 years of marriage and he bought a new car

Gary Z $10 – for implying our Prez and Phil S took a vacation together to Broke Back Mtn.

Phil S $50 – a vaca to Yellowstone

David K $40 – ???

Gary S $5 – Friday was his 38th Wedding Anniversary so he and Gail went to dinner and Viejas and Gail won $1130…and she gave Gary some of it since he put some of his money with hers for the bet.





Paul and Alex from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

This was founded in 1903 at then named the Marine Biological Association of San Diego and was stationed at the Hotel Del boathouse until 1905.  In 1912 It became part of the University of CA system.  Finally ended up in La Jolla at the pier in 1916 and in 1925 the existing name came into being.

Every year someone from the Institute dips a bucket in the ocean to record its temperature. The purpose is to study everything from the core of the ocean to the planets.  The Oceanographic Collection has gathered everything from soup to nuts and boast of having the most complete collection anywhere.

The Collection consists of species/studies of birds, fishes, rocks and the geological collection of samples from the bottom of the ocean.

They are constantly updating their databases on all of their ‘finds’.  You can have a species named after you for a mere $5,000 donation.

Funding comes from the State of CA and the annual budget is just under $200,000.  The Collections are supported by the National Science Foundation US Navy and the Federal Govt.


For the Monday, September 17th meeting – the new El Cajon City Manager.  Invite your friends and family so we have a large turnout.***



Other websites to visit: LionsDistrict4L6;;


Winner of Attendance Drawing:  Bruce Boorman $10 

Winner at Last Meeting: Mike Raney $20 – donated to City of Hope


Winner of 50/50 Drawing Dick Nasif $86


Winner at Last Meeting: Ray Ridlon $89


***Don’t forget about the El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation in your Will/Trust***


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