Newsletter 09/09/19


Sept 9, 2019    Members:  39   Guests: 2

Facebook: El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club


Opening: Prez Chris    (without his bell and down to one gavel)

Song Master:  Gary Sims                                            Song:  God Bless America

Pledge of Allegiance: Len Blottin                               Invocation:  Capt. Boni Kelsey


Quote by PP Bruce Boorman: “People do not like to think.  If one thinks, one must reach conclusions.  Conclusions are not always pleasant“.


Guests:  District 4L6 Governor Norm MacKenzie,


Alyssa Dizon 2nd visit and guest of Pres. Chris


Good to See: Jim Sing and PP Ray Ridlon both replete with their bicycle garb



President Chris passed shared the folder from Guide Dogs of the Desert with photos of “our” dogs Buddy and Trent, both labradoodles and one is brown the other black.  Very handsome dogs indeed!


Terry Winegar 9/11, Kirby Morrison 9/15, Jim Sing 9/16, Jonathan Martin 9/19, Mark Krause 9/22, Mercy Walters 9/25. 


EXEMPT BADGES: Len Blottin, Tony Forchette, Cathy Bailes, Yvonne Paris, Kiley Grunstad


GOOD CHEER:  PP Marge Nelson has been in the hospital.  Please keep her in your prayers.        

IF you know of any members who are in distress, sick or in the hospital, PLEASE notify PP Yvonne so our good wishes can be sent to them.


CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS:  *Unless otherwise noted all Meetings are Mon at Noon*

Sept 11th – ECVH LC Board Meeting  Elks Lodge Conference Room 6PM SHARP

Sept 14th – District 4L6 First Membership Meeting at Boys & Girls Clubs of San Marcos, 1 Positive Place, San Marcos Time 9AM to 1PM.

Sept 20th – El Cajon Valley Host Lions “Padre Night” 7:10PM $30 – See Chair Warren

Sept 30th – DARK – NO MEETING

Oct 5th – Club Picnic at Bramwell’s Estate  Time TBA

Oct 13th – ECVH LC Pancake Breakfast  Elks Lodge 8AM  Sign ups soon. Tickets available

Oct 26th – San Diego Center for the Blind White Cane Brunch Double Tree in MV 11AM $70



3rd VP Carl Ruiz: After next weeks’ meeting there will be a Mother Goose Parade meeting.  Padre Night Chair Warren needs you to sign up for tickets to the game Sept 20th.


2nd VP Gary Zink:  No Report 


3rd VP Mike Raney:  Pancake Breakfast Committee met today


Membership Chair Cathy Bailes: Membership Committee met today


PP RAY’S RAMBLINGS:  This little ditty came from Kiley’s office and was about a man who received a letter from his investment advisor on which stocks to buy and/or sell.


HAPPY DOLLARS:  Bob ‘the Hatchet Man’ Acker controlled the basket and the room.

Ray R – glad to be at the meeting and enjoyed his inside passage Alaskan Cruise last week.

Paul T $5 – Jim Nelson shared a book of the 1935 Expo from a designer of Balboa Park which included a listing of all the flowers and plants in the Park which he had from his days as a tram driver.

Chris $20 – Dick Nasif is joining the Sr Golf Tour and will sell Rolexes to help support that venture.

Jim N – Happy to be at a Monday meeting

Van – received his first letter from his little girl in boot camp.  She met a goal and received a $2,000 bonus.  Such a proud Papa!

Gary S $39 – for 39 years of marriage and they went to “The City”” to celebrate and the Aztec’s beat the Bruin’s yesterday.

Boni – their son graduated from Marine boot camp and their daughter got married last Sat.

Kiley $100 – had a 17-hour flight to/from Australia but the good thing is that a case of beer cost $89 in that country.  He now has an Exempt Badge for the remainder of Sept.

Bruce $60 – a great trip last week to San Juan Puerto Rico with Pat, their youngest daughter and 2 of their granddaughters.

Paul W $5 – spent all day last Saturday at the Encinitas Blind Surfing event.

Bob A $24 – half of his triple net income from last week’s drawing.

Cathy B – Happy to see PP Ray R and Alyssa here today



District 4L6 District Governor Norm MacKenzie

This is DG Norm’s ‘2nd rodeo’ as he had been Governor in 4L2 (Orange County) years ago.

The International theme for this year is “Diversity is the bridge to all divides”.

DG Norm is hoping to develop more leaders in the District to ‘move up’ and be involved at the Cabinet and State level.  He also hopes to expand our services to the community in our 2nd century of service.  4L6 served 500,000 people last year and he strives for us to serve 700,000 people this year.

When our District had 2500 +/- members years ago is when DG Norm moved to this District and was the PR Chair for then-DG Logan McKechnie (around 1990-1991). 

Governor Norm presented President Chris with his DG pin and the current District pin.

Prez Chris then presented DG Norm with one of our coffee mugs.



SEPT 23RD – Dirk Epperson, City of El Cajon Public Works Department

OCT 9TH – Our new El Cajon Chief of Police Mike Moulton



Lions Sponsor Dogs




Other websites to visit:  LionsDistrict4L6;;


TT Acker then tried to auction off 2 of Lion Frank Galkowski’s hats – one being the coveted felt cowboy hat but neither brought an appropriate bid so they will be held for now.


Winner of Attendance Drawing:  Cathy Bailes  $10 – donated to City of Hope

Winner of 50/50 Drawing: Alyssa Dixon $68

Note: each of the winners drew their own ticket/name ball


***Don’t forget about the El Cajon Valley Lions Foundation in your Will/Trust***



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