Newsletter 05/20/13

El Cajon Valley Host Lions

May 20, 2013                 29 Members and 0 Guests



Lion President Bill Sturgeon opened the meeting at 12:30pm. Lion PP Jerry Hollingsworth, Songmaster, led our Lions in singing “you’re a grand ole flag”. Pledge of Allegiance was recited by Lion Jim Sing. Prayer & Invocation given by Lion Paul Tremblay. Helen Keller Quote of the Week was inspirationally recited by Lion Frank Galkowski “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”


Reminder that our Steak Fry, hosted by our Lions current and past presidents, will be held on Saturday June 8th  starting at 5pm at  the residence of Lion PP Tom Hoban. The Steak Fry will feature a delicious steak dinner, reviewing our great accomplishments during the past year, sharing the history of our club, a friendly poker game, famous corn of Lion PP Roger Stebleton and wine & spirits. Lions are invited to bring their favorite drinks or to support the tequila fund for the event. RSVP’s are still being accepted by Lion PP Ron Paris.

Our Lions Installation Dinner of our new board & officers is on Saturday June 15th. Lion PP Dick Rogers announced his resignation as the chair of the Installation Dinner, effective immediately.

Summer Escape Drawing May 31st 5pm-8pm at the Ronald Reagan Community Center. There are plenty of tickets still available and thanks for your great support on the ticket selling! A ticket sale puts eye glasses on 2 kids!!


3rd VP Ray Ridlon reported that we are progressing in filling out all needed forms and documents on our Lions renewal with State of California.

2nd VP Mercy Walters reported that there will not be an Adopt A Street Cleanup this month of May. Lion Paul Walters reported that next cleanup will be on Saturday June 29th at 7:30am meeting at Clifton Motors. Lion Paul gave an update on the Student Speaker Contest with Aaron Dykstra, sponsored by the La Mesa Lions, winning the Lions Area Student Speaker Contest and will be competing at the MD-4 Final Student Speaker Contest on Saturday June 1st 2pm at the Torrance Marriot –see Lion Paul Walters, Speakers Chair, if you would like to attend or carpool to the event.

1st VP Kiley Grunstad call to action “Sell those tickets, sell those tickets, sell those tickets!” We are close to 90 tickets sold and hope to sell 100+. Drawing of the Great Escape Tickets will be between 5:30-7pm with plenty of heavy hor dourves and refreshments. There will also be a 50-50 drawing for the 2nd choice winner.


Lion Bob Acker, Tail Twister, collected the following Happy Dollar & Happy Fines: Lion President gave a Happy $40 for seeing Lion Felina Balistreri walk through the door and last Friday’s police department awards where he was honored to give out recognition awards. Lion Paul Walters gave a Happy $5 to see two of our newest Lions at the meeting—Lion Tony Hodge and Lion Dave Huntamer. Lion 2nd VP Mercy Walters gave a Happy Dollar donation for her cha-cha dance performance with Lion Paul Walters at the Starlight Center. Lion Tony Hodge gave a whopping Happy $200 for missing a few meetings, but very happy to be here today! Lion PP Gary Sims gave a Happy $5 for attending a Huey Lewis & The News Concert along with his $500 profit on a lucky slot machine with split of $250 to Gail, the missus—who used the proceeds (and then some!) to go shopping at the nearby outlet stores! Lion David Huntamer gave a Happy $5 for “business is good!”. Lion Christian Willie gave a Happy $5 for spending time with his 1 year old granddaughter. Lion Warren McKenna gave a Happy $20  for enjoying some of the recent Padres wins and also a contribution to our Tequila Fund for upcoming Lions events. Lion PP Bruce Boorman gave a Happy $5 and stating he is proudly happy to wear his Lions Pin—and encouraging all Lions to do likewise! Lion PP Mike Mortellaro gave a Happy $5 for his 100 mile bike ride in one day—way to ride Lion Mike!!! Lion Felina Balistreri gave a Happy $25 to be at the meeting today. Lion Paul Tremblay gave a Happy $5 to see Lion Felina at meeting and hope to see some mediation with Lion PP Dick Rogers resignation as Installation Chair.  Lion PDG Len Blottin gave a Happy $5 and sorry to see Lion PP Dick Rogers resign. Lion 3rd VP Ray Ridlon gave a Happy $5 for his bike ride with wife Terri to Newport Beach! Lion 2nd VP Mercy Walters was asked by Lion Bob Acker, Tail Twister, to pay up on her $2 IOU from last week—and ended up paying her IOU! Lion PP Phil Smith gave a Happy $20 for his fabulous annual getaway to Yosemite, getting in a good Padre game last week and purchasing some great locks for  workplace  from Lion Tony Hodge!


Lion President Bill Sturgeon introduced our featured speaker Dr. Randy Schaffer who gave a very informative and thought provoking presentation on Medical Ethics of Organ Transplants. Did you know that there are about 100,000 organ transplants requests each year with 85,000 of the requests for kidney transplant and 15,000 actual transplants performed and 17,000 new additional requested transplants each year!


Attendance Drawing was rolled over until next meeting.

Good to see Lion Felina Balistreri and Lion Tony Hodge join us today.

Great to hear that Lion PP Mike Mortellaro completed a 100 mile Bike Ride in 1 day —way to go & great recovery, Lion Mike !

June 1st is Lions Helen Keller Day—in 1971 the Board of Directors of Lions Club International declared that June 1st would be remembered as Helen Keller Day. Lions around the world implement sight related service projects on Helen Keller Day.

“Be a light—not a judge. Be a model—not a critic. Be part of the solution—not part of the problem”—Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

And don’t forget that Lions pin you wear on your collar represents that you belong to the greatest service organization in the world…the El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club “2011-2012 District 4L6 large Lions Club of the Year!

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