Newsletter 03/25/13

El Cajon Valley Hosts Lions

March 25, 2013         32 Lions and 3 Guests


Lion President opened the meeting at 12:30pm. Lion PP Jerry Hollingsworth, Song Master, led our Lions in the singing of You’re a grand ole flag”. Pledge of Allegiance was recited by Lion PP Ron Snow. Prayer & Invocation was given by Lion PP Phil Smith. Inspirational Helen Keller Quote of the week was recited by Lion Lesa Mitchell.


Lion IPP Don Anthony introduced three (3) guests that included: Lion District Governor Bessie Trott and Lions District Cabinet Officers, Puring Lee— Otay Zone Chair, Lydia Duro— President of San Diego Cosmopolitan.


Lion PP Secretary Gary Robinson announced the 6th Annual San Marcos Lions Club Canine Capers Dog Show on April 20th 730 Apllewilde Dr from 11am-2pm, cost of $5 per category, contact phone info at 760.522.0956***UT Union Tribune had a good PR article of our Lions Eyeglass Program for kids & families and our Gift of Travel worth $4200 Fundraiser Drawing Party on Friday May 31st.  Lion Van Willsey explained that the article was generated by UT Reporter, Karen Perlman, who saw our Lions Eyeglass Program posted on Facebook.***District 4L6 Convention in Yuma from May 3-5, 2013 with deadline to register on April 18th***City of Hope Visitation on Sunday April 7th –to sign up call Lion Treasurer Paul Tremblay.


President, Kiley Grunstad—1st Vice President, Mercy Walters—2nd Vice President, Ray Ridlon—3rd Vice President, Van Willsey—Secretary PP Gary Robinson—Treasurer, Paul Tremblay—Bulletin Editors Mike Wasyliw, PP Phil Smith, PP Dick Rogers, PP Bruce Boorman—Tailtwisters, Bob Acker,PP Bob Moreau—Liontamers, PP Jerry Hollingsworth, Arnold Martin—Greeters, PP Ron Paris, Sharie Hoops—Directors (One Year) Christian Willie, Jeff Winters—Directors (Two Years), Dick Nasif, Mike Raney—Membership, Mercy Walters, Paul Walters—Webmaster, Warren McKenna—Publicity, PP Dick Rogers—Immediate Past President, Bill Sturgeon.


3rd VP Ray Ridlon-excused absence. Foundation Board Meeting next Monday April 1st at Por Favor Restaurant El Cajon 6pm.

2nd VP Mercy Walters—Adopt a Street Cleanup will not be held this month. A Social Service request was received by a needy El Cajon resident who was referred for eye exam & glasses. Lion Van Willsey was congratulated for his outstanding efforts as our Lions Eye Glass Program Chair.

Lion Paul Walters, Student Speaker Chair, gave on update on the Lions Student Speaker Contests. Region Speaker Contest was held on March 21st . Two contestants competed, Aaron Dykstra from La Mesa East County and Thadeus Tagg from the Escondido North County area. Both students were very polished speakers with a great delivery.  Aaron Dykstra won the contest and will compete at the District Speaker Contest.  A Special Thanks to Lion Mike Wasyliw and Lion Paul Walters who attended the Region Contest. Next Speaker Contest will be at the District level at the San Diego Blind Community Center on April 27th 1:15pm 310 Upas Street San Diego. Scholarship winnings at the District Level will be $4,500. Come by and hear public speaking at its best!

1st VP Kiley Grunstad staged a mini-rally for our Lions Summer Escape Drawing Gift of Travel worth $4200! Lion President Bill Sturgeon gladly put 2 eyeglasses on 2 kids with his $100 donation. Lion Lesa Mitchell followed up with her $100 donation and Lion DG Bessie Trott also purchased a $100 ticket to support our fundraiser!


Lion District Governor Bessie Trott recognized the following outstanding Lions with a Lions Chevron Pins for their years of dedicated Lionism: Lion PP Phil Smith—20 years***Lion PP Ramon “Ray” Hackworth—30 years***Lion Bob Acker—40 years***Lion PP Ron Snow—20 years***Lion PP Walt Simmons—10 years***  Congratulations!

Also, Congratulations to the following Lions who will receive their Chevron Pins at upcoming meetings: Lion PP Mark Krause—20 years***Lion PP Dick Rogers—35 years***Lion PP Mark Clifton—15 years***Lion Kirby Morrison—15 years***Lion Tom Hoban—30 years***Lion Ken “Skip” Kiefer— 10 years***Congratulations!!


Lion PP Ray Hackworth, Camp Jack Chair, gave an update on the successful Wall of Wine Camp Jack Fundraiser that raised over $5000! Raffle winners included: Lion Sharie Hoops—6 bottles of fine top quality wine! Lion PP Bob Moreau—3 premium wines! Lion President Bill Sturgeon—3 bottles of exquisite wines! Thanks to all Lions & Friends who supported the Wall of Wine Camp Jack Raffle!!


A Special Thanks to all the Lion Chevron Pin Awardee’s who gave or pledged a Happy Dollar for each year of Lionism.

Lion DG Bessie Trott gave a Happy $50 for the Camp Jack Program and all of Lion PP Ray Hackworth’s outstanding efforts of promoting Camp Jack.

Lion Tail Twister Bob Acker collected the following Happy Dollars & Happy Fines: Lion Treasurer Paul Tremblay Happy $5 fine for not wearing his Lions Vest today (last Monday of each month). All Lions in attendance were asked to pay a Happy $5 for No Vests today. Lion PP George Hurst gave a Happy $5 to pay Lion 2nd VP Mercy Walters no vest fine and another $5 for missing vest. Lion PP Walt Simmons gave a Happy $10 for Camp Jack & another Happy $10 for his great tax preparation from Lion President Bill Sturgeon.


Lion Van Willsey, Lions Eyeglass Chair, introduced guest speaker Rosemary Ebert, lead school nurse with the Cajon Valley School District. Rosemary had served as the Camp Jack nurse for 7 years. Ms. Ebert expressed her heartfelt thanks to our Lions for all they do with much needed Vision & Hearing Services for needy kids in the school district. Special equipment at the Sevick Center School has greatly helped “kids who never saw leaves on trees (just a blur) and after getting glasses they see the beautiful leaves”. Rosemary left our Lions with a Wish List of Vision Related Equipment & Supplies they could really use. Lion President Bill Sturgeon gave a testimony of how a kind school nurse gave him an eye test in school resulting in new eyeglasses and able to see the blackboard in front of the room.

Lion PP George Hurst, Speakers Chair, introduced Marcia DeRuntz from the Optometric Vision Clinic. Marcia has been a Lion since 1975 and thanked our Lions, District 4L6 and Lions International for their great support and advocacy. The Optometric Vision Clinic is a referral based only service that covers an area from San Ysidro to Oceanside areas and serves a wide range of needs such as special needs kids, SD Rescue Mission, nursing homes, adult Ed, etc.


Attendance Drawing was won by Lion PDG Len Blottin with winnings donated to the City of Hope Cans. Good to see our Lions join us who are not always able to attend our meetings on a regular basis due to work obligations, family or health reasons. It was good to see Lion PP Walt Simmons, Lion PP Ron Snow and Lion Lesa Mitchell today! Thanks to all Lions wearing their vests today “Lions Vests Day” last Monday of Month and “Lions Cap/Hats Day” this coming Monday.

A Special Thanks to the following Lions & Friends who attended the Celebration of Life Memorial Services for Lois Franklin, wife of Lion PP Rod Franklin on March 22nd: Lion PP Ron Paris, Lion PP Yvonne Paris, Lion Dick Nasif, Lion Mike Wasyliw, Lion Ron & Leona Black and Doris Huls.

And don’t forget that Lions pin you wear on your collar represents that you belong to the greatest service organization in the world…the El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club “2011-2012 District 4L6 large Lions Club of the year”.

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