newletter 07/01/13

El Cajon Valley Host Lions

July 1, 2013 30 Lions and 5 Guests


Lion President Kiley Grunstad and his team of Lion Officers & Board Members began their new term of office today on July 1st. The meeting commenced on time with only one major glitch—our Lion’s Bell to open the meeting was missing! Lion President Kiley offered to pay a huge ransom of $200 under the condition that the Bell would be returned on his return from the Lions International Convention! PP Lion Tom Hoban thoughtfully brought in a huge Gavel (similar in size to a sledge hammer) to help Lion President Kiley assert his authority and begin the meeting.

Lion PP Jerry Holllingsworth, Songmaster, led our Lions in singing “God Bless America”. Pledge of Allegiance was proudly led by Lion Roy “Rocco” Collura. Prayer & Invocation was solemnly given by Lion Christian Willie. Helen Keller Quote of the Week was inspirationally recited by Lion Mike Wasyliw.


Lion IPP Bill Sturgeon introduced five (5) guests that included: Carter Short—guest of Lion Dave Huntamer, Brent—a favorite grandson of Lion PP Bob Moreau, PDG Scott Leslie from the Spring Valley Lions, PDG Ike Enzenauer from the Rancho Santee Lions and our featured guest speaker Dan McAllister.


Congratulations to the following Lions with Birthday’s in July: Lion PP Ed Waymire—July 10th, Lion Mike Carleton—July 19th, Lion Treasurer Paul Tremblay—July 26th and Lion PP Tom Hoban—July 31st. A hearty Happy Birthday to you was gustily sung by our fellow Lions. A comment was made to Lion PP Tom Hoban Happy 39th Birthday with a quick reply of …yep, half of me is about 39!


Winning bids to wear the fine free Exempt Badges for the month of July were awarded to: Lion Dave Huntamer–$50 and Lion PP Roger Stebleton–$50. Lion Dave mentioned he brought the badge because he was gently threatened and to cover some potential high Lions fines such as his recent big fishing trips, etc. Lion PP Roger indicated his exempt badge would cover fines for his recent Costa Rica vacation, purchase of a new car and a Marine Corp Reunion.


Lion Secretary & PP Gary Robinson pinned on new and updated Badges for our new Immediate Past President Bill Sturgeon and our new Lions President Kiley Grunstad.

PDG Ike Enzenauer gave an update and plea on our Lions Sensory Garden Exhibit at Santee Lakes. There have been some die off of plants and herbs which will need some replacements along with a few plant name plates. PDG Ike recommended that the El Cajon Valley Host Lions pledge $500 for an engraved Lions Memorial Paver in memory of PP Trent Huls. Fellow Lions are invited to also make pledges in their names for Lions Memorial & Donor Pavers—pledges made in the past include Lion Ham Walker and PP Don Anthony. If you get a chance stop by Santee Lakes and visit the nice Lions Sensory Garden and fish at the Lions Fishing Pier for a relaxing day—my grandkids love the Lions Santee Lakes area to fish on the pier and enjoy the playground!


3rd Van Willsey reported that our Lions Padres Night will be held on Friday August 16th. Padres will be playing the Mets with a pregame get together at McCormack & Smith’s. Lions Picnic will be held in September with date and time to TBA.

2nd VP Ray Ridlon—excused absence. Wishing Lion Ray good bike roading on his exciting bike trip!

1st VP Mercy Walters reported that the Adopt a Street Community Cleanup on June 29th went very well with Lion PP Jerry Hollingsworth, Lion Dave Huntamer and his 2 kids, Lion Mercy, Lion Paul and Lion Mike Wasyliw came by to cover backup if needed. Lion Mercy expressed her grateful thanks for the incredible support she receives from her husband Lion Paul Walters! Membership Report was given with plans to implement a vigorous Membership & Retention Drive all year long.


Lion Bob Acker, Tail Twister, collected the following Happy Dollars & Happy Dollar Fines: Lion Earl Irey gave some Happy Dollars for his wife Jennie’s Birthday! Lion 3rd VP Van Willsey gave a Happy $5 welcoming Lion Kiley to his presidency! Lion Dr. Keen gave a Happy $5 Harbaugh fine and mentioned that some keys were embedded in the concrete from the recent years Lions Santee Lakes Project—the keys supposedly belonged to PP Don Anthony—with Lion Don reporting that the lost keys fine was already paid! Lion Mike Raney gave a Happy $5 for making two meetings in a row—and loving the summer vacation from teaching! Lion 1st VP Mercy Walters gave a Happy $5 for a glad to see Lion Dr. Keen and Lion PP Tom Hoban at our meeting today! Lion Mercy also thanked PDG Len Blottin for the Lions get-together where she had a great Bloody Mary! Lion Dave Huntamer gave a Happy $10 for bringing his guest Carter Short and his recent Cabo Fishing Trip with fellow Lion friends! Visiting PDG Lion Ike Enzenauer gave a Happy $5 for a Happy to talk to you and his wife Marilyn’s recent convalescence recovery!


Lion PP Bill Sturgeon introduced our guest speaker Dan McAllister, San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector. Mr. McAllister gave a very informative and entertaining presentation on how your property taxes are allocated and paying your property taxes promptly is an integral step in supporting your local schools, libraries, and communities. Highlights & facts: 980,000 parcel tax bills were sent out last year, 98.5 % of taxes were collected last year—an excellent collection rate, manage monies for 42 school districts, 110 public agencies that invest with County, $7.3 billion dollars of managed assets, introducing of new legislation that curbs exorbitant debt ratio paybacks for School Bonds.


Attendance Drawing was won by Lion PP Dick Rogers. Thanks for all your good attendance “Attendance is the Price of Membership!”

Happy to see plenty of guests that contributes to a great meeting and increasing membership. Glad to see Lion Dr. David Keen at our meeting today—we miss you and hope you will be back soon!

Have a Happy 4th of July celebrating our great country’s Birthday! And don’t forget that Lions pin you wear on your collar represents that you belong to the greatest service organization in the world…the El Cajon Valley Host Lions Club!

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